EastEnders fans stunned as Keegan’s victim dies and Carmel does something awful

EastEnders’ fans were stunned tonight when it was revealed that Keegan Baker was a murderer.

Keegan, who himself was a victim of a horrific knife crime that led to Shakil Kazemi’s death, stabbed one of his tormentors in shocking scenes.

He fled the scene of the crime, but he was spotted by Carmel, who was seen bending over the lifeless body of the victim.

Furious Carmel tormented Keegan and revealed that the boy had died in the park before producing the murder weapon.

Carmel claimed Keegan was as bad as the thug that killed Shakil, but viewers pointed out that she was a criminal.

It appeared that Carmel had left the poor lad’s dead body in the park then picked up the blood-stained knife.

When Keegan insisted he just tried to scare the boys, Carmel shouted: "You just had to kill him. The boy is dead Keegan. You killed him."

She then threatened to call the police, which confused soap fans who were stunned that she hadn’t called them straight away.

Shocked EastEnders viewers took to Twitter to slam Carmel for her actions.

One viewer said: "Well surely to God the CCTV will have captured Carmel hovering over the body, touching him and picking the bloody knife up! In the f***ing night garden and Peppa Pig is more realistic than this."

Another added: "There we go Carmel sticking her nose again. What did she do for the body then did I miss something?"

A third said: "Both Keegan and Carmel left the scene of a crime. Isn’t that illegal?"

Carmel shouted at Keegan, who murdered a gang member in front of Shakil’s poster.

She screamed: "That boy’s not going home tonight Keegan, he’s not the one having the nightmares, his mum is.

"And for that you might as well have Shaki’s blood on your clothes because you’re no better than the kid who killed him."

Realising what he had done, Keegan broke down in tears.

Grieving Carmel said he would drown in guilt and could never escape his crime.

Changing her mind, she allowed him to make the decision on whether to "do the right thing" or go on the run.

Will Keegan hand himself in to the police?

*EastEnders continues on Monday on BBC One at 8pm

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