Eastenders fans in tears over Chantelle and Kheerat romance ahead of grim murder

EastEnders fans were left sobbing this evening as Kheerat confessed his feelings for Chantelle, ahead of her tragic exit.

Soap bosses have confirmed Chantelle will die as part of a devastating domestic violence storyline, as her husband Gray’s abuse continues.

Gray has been abusing his wife behind closed doors for years, but recent scenes have seen Chantelle plot her escape, seeking a divorce lawyer to flee her marriage.

Meanwhile, her friendship with Kheerat took a turn, as they have both secretly discovered they have feelings for one another.

On tonight’s episode, Kheerat appeared on her doorstep with a poker chip, offering himself to her.

He said: “We both know there’s something going on between us and I care too much to just stand by. I want you to take his poker chip.”

Pressing the chip into her hand, he said: “Any time you want to cash it in, you give it back.”

Looking confused, Chantelle replied: “And what do I get?”

Confirming her feelings for her, he answered: “Me.”

Though Chantelle quickly ushered him to leave, a huge smile spread across her face, making it clear she harboured strong feelings for Kheerat.

Taking to Twitter, viewers made it clear the scene had moved them to tears, as they faced the reality of Chantelle’s upcoming exit.

One said: “Oh my gosh!! That scene between Chantelle & Kheerat just made me teary….”

“Crying at Kheerat and Chantelle,” added a second.

And a third chimed: “My heart hurts for Chantelle every time she’s on screen.”

"Watching that last scene with Chantelle and Kheerat makes it all the more heartbreaking when we know shes to die really soon," agreed a fourth.

Eastenders airs Mondays at 8.05pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.35pm and Fridays at 8.30pm on BBC One.

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