EastEnders fans convinced Ruby Allen is ‘lying’ about pregnancy in twisted plot

Tonight's episode of EastEnders saw Ruby Allen tell her beau Martin Fowler she's pregnant.

However, viewers are convinced she's lying about the pregnancy in a bid to stop Martin from leaving her for his ex Stacey.

During the episode, viewers saw Ruby pick up a bottle of wine and a glass.

She quickly put the alcohol back when Martin returned.

Ruby's actions tonight fuelled speculation she's not pregnant as fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the twisted plot.

One said: "Ruby is so NOT pregnant…"

While another wrote: "Ruby is manipulative and definitely is not pregnant".

A third added: "Ruby's definitely not pregnant".

"I love EastEnders but Ruby faking a pregnancy to hang on to Martin in desperation is just so cliche.

"Unless she does actually become pregnant, he’ll find out and go back to Stacey", insisted another.

Earlier this month, fans predicted a steamy romance between Ruby and Kush.

Kush Kazemi returned to Albert Square last week after unexpectedly fleeing with his young son Arthur in tow.

Ruby has attempted to get one over her rival Stacey Slater by paying Kush to flee Walford.

Kush had nowhere else to go, so he turned up on Ruby's doorstep with his suitcase in hand — insisting that he would be staying with her and Martin.

During Thursday's episode, Martin made it clear he wanted Kush to leave as soon as possible but later changed his mind.

Kush later chatted to Ruby over the breakfast table and viewers are convinced they were going to have an affair.

One fan tweeted: "Ruby/Kush is 100% going to happen yes?"

While another wrote: "Ruby and Kush are either gonna have a affair or Martin is going to find out that Ruby helped Kush, he'll get back with Stacey and then Ruby will get wish Kush."

"Ruby and Kush are so going to get together, calling it now", insisted a third.

EastEnders continues tomorrow at 8pm on BBC One.

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