Dumped Apprentice star admits major show shake up during this series

On the latest episode of The Apprentice, the two teams were tasked with the challenge of creating ice lollies – one batch for public consumption and one batch to pitch to a corporate client.

As well as developing their original flavours, the teams donned their skates as they had to manufacture all their lollies before they could sell them to the paying public.

While the female team went for nostalgic flavours – think cherry cola and liquorice sweets – the male team went for a time-old classic of lavender and stem ginger.

Kenner Ngoma, 24, who runs an ice cream business naturally put himself up for project manager.

However, his sub-team let him down after the corporate client refused to pay up because the coconut milk and raspberry ice pops she ordered looked better suited to an Ann Summers shoot.

Kenner, along with Ryan-Mark Pearsons and Dean Ahmed, faced the wrath of Lord Sugar in the board room.

With Lord Sugar claiming Kenner had "no control, or recipe, or kitchen", he was soon sent packing and was the second contestant to leave the show.

In an exclusive chat with Daily Star Online, the TV star revealed this series is very different from the past instalments due to a change to one well-loved segment.

Every year the losing team are sent to a nearby cafe – Bridge Cafe in West London – to discuss where they went wrong and mull over their bad decision making.

In a major shake-up, Kenner confessed the café where the team were sent was no longer the beloved Bridge Café, but a "grim" rival establishment around the corner.

"How did you spot that?" he exclaimed.

"That café is a grim as you'd expect it to be, and obviously being there two weeks in a row…

"I was absolutely sick of it. And I don't even drink tea!"

Asked if he ordered a hot chocolate, he explained: "No! They only do tea or coffee. They're the only options."

Discussing the waiting time, he revealed the team are in there about "two hours" before heading back into the boardroom.

"You know what people say, they don't want to go to the cafe? It's because sitting in there elongates the whole day."

The Apprentice airs on BBC One on Wednesdays at 9pm

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