Doctor Who drops first trailer for spin-off Time Lord Victorious – with epic nod to David Tennant

DOCTOR Who has dropped the first trailer for spin-off Time Lord Victorious – with an epic nod to David Tennant.

The brief clip sees an animated logo appear on screen along with the words 'Coming soon'.

Little else is known about the spin-off but according to, it is a major new Doctor Who project which will definitely get Whovians excited.

Doctor Who fans will know the term Time Lord Victorious was used by David Tennant when he was in the titular role back in 2009.

The tenth Doctor claimed the title in the episode The Waters of Mars when he realised he had control over the Laws of Time as the last surviving Time Lord.

The Doctor decides to save three people's lives who are destined to die, but after one (played by Lindsay Duncan) takes her own life to try and restore what is meant to happen, he realises he has gone too far and gives up the title.

David, 49, played the Doctor from 2005 to 2010, and earlier this month it was revealed a scrapped storyline from his tenure would have seen him take a dark twist.

During a tweetalong to 2008's The Stolen Earth/Journey's End, former show runner Russell T Davies told fans the "metacrisis Doctor" – a clone of David's Time Lord – was supposed to be much darker in the original plan.

The "metacrisis Doctor" was born out of the excess regeneration energy early on in the episode, and he ended up building an army of Daleks.

He wrote on Twitter: “In the planning of this, the Blue Suit Doctor would whizz back to the Shadow Proclamation, wipe them up into WAR, and lead a Judoon fleet to the Medusa Cascade."

Russell continued: "Imagine it, Daleks vs Judoon! But not just for spectacle.

"The point is, the half-human Doctor is more wild, more dangerous, more warlike. (IE, he’ll need Rose more.) So the Doctor would disapprove of him.

“So there’s more of a Doctor/Doctor clash. Resulting in the banishing.”

However, what actually happened was the "metacrisis Doctor's" darker tendencies saw him commit genocide and destroy the Daleks, which wasn't what the real Doctor wanted.

The decision lead to him being exiled to the parallel world also occupied by Rose Tyler (Billie Piper).

Russell tweeted: "Now, instead, it’s a bit underplayed, Doctor whips up an improvised gun… which every Doctor does, really! But still. It still works.

“I took that Bad Doctor idea into the Time Lord Victorious. So all ideas lead somewhere.”

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