Did Clare Crawley and Dale Moss from The Bachelorette break up?

BACHELORETTE Clare Crawley has reportedly split from her fiancé Dale Moss after months of being engaged.

The news comes as Clare accused Dale of cheating following her ex's "mutual" statement on their breakup, which she said left her feeling blindsided and "crushed."

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Did Clare Crawley and Dale Moss from The Bachelorette breakup?

Clare Crawley, 39, and Dale Moss, 32, have reportedly ended their engagement.

The Bachelorette stars are “taking time apart,” a source confirmed to E! News after getting engaged just two weeks into the filming of Clare’s Bachelorette season.

The source revealed to E!: “Clare and Dale have been fighting a lot recently. They are mainly in disagreement over lifestyle preferences. Dale wants to be in a lively city and focus on his career, and Clare is rooted in Sacramento to help care for her mom. 

“It's been very tense recently between them."

Dale admitted that the breakup is "not the greatest situation" after he shared a "mutual" statement from him and Claire, who claims she was blindsided and found out about the uncoupling at the same time as Bachelorette fans.

Allegedly, Dale has been in communication with an unnamed woman since late 2019 – however, he would insist to Clare that it was merely a business relationship.

A source said: "Clare has always been skeptical. She never trusted the friendship and thought it was shady."

The source further revealed that Clare "has seen proof" of Dale spending time with the other woman while she was out of town.

Allegedly, an eyewitness saw Dale out with this mystery woman after his proposal to Clare aired in November.

What did Clare and Dale post on social media?

Prior to the announcement of their split, Clare shared an emotional post as she reunited with her mom who suffers from Alzheimer's and dementia.

The Bachelorette wrote: "I’m so thankful to be able to see my mom in person now.

"I get so emotional because this time is precious and I know means everything to both of us, especially as her mind is slipping away and her body is getting weaker."

She continued: "I try and sing and laugh to add a little sunshine to her day, even if it’s only for the 20 minutes they allow.

"I love it. She has good days and bad, Just like we all do."

She added that her mom could tell she was struggling with something, writing: "Well today I couldn’t hide my hard day. A mother always knows.

"Without saying a word, she reached in her pocket and pulled out this tissue and just squeezed my hand."

It is suspected that the two were not together at the time the photo was posted, as Dale shared on social media a photo of a book he was reading with the caption: “"God's plan is bigger than we can imagine."

When did Clare and Dale get engaged?

Clare and Dale announced their engagement on the fourth episode of the Bachelorette when she accepted a rose from Dale.

She quit the journey and was replaced by Tayshia Adams as she had already found her match while filming.

He popped the question with a 4.5-carat diamond ring and vowed he would "never" leave her.

The pair had reportedly been house hunting during the holidays as a source confirmed to The Sun, but revealed that their relationship would be long distance meanwhile.

The source said: “They are looking for a new place in Sacramento so Clare can be close to her mother. Dale will continue living and working in NYC, and they will both travel to see one another.

Adding: “They are doing great and are excited to spend the holidays together.”

In early December they were spotted packing on PDA in the streets of New York City and taking a stroll hand in hand.

It is unclear what led to Clare and Dale's split.

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