Death In Paradise star Ralf Little admits to ‘challenging’ times on set: ‘Demanding’

Death in Paradise: Ralf Little on ‘tough’ set times

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Death In Paradise’s Ralf Little was welcomed onto a recent episode of Saturday Kitchen where presenter Matt Tebbutt rustled him up a delicious lunchtime treat. As Matt, 48, was cooking, he asked the actor about filming season 11 of the BBC One comedy crime drama. While the television chef thought working in the Caribbean would be “glamorous”, Ralf, 42, admitted filming was “challenging” at times. 

As Matt was serving lunch to Ralf, he asked the star: “I’m sure it’s very glamorous, it sounds very glamorous, but what’s it like spending so much time away from home on an island?

“It’s hot obviously, and there’s a lot of physical challenges.” 

Ralf replied: “It’s work, it’s a physically demanding show because it’s hot and it’s sweaty.”

The actor explained he has to set his alarm for 5.30am each morning for work. 

However, he then quipped: “That’s it, everyone watching this at home will be playing the world’s tiniest violins for me. 

“You finish work and you can go and swim in the Caribbean Sea, it’s a dream job. 

“But it’s still a job, I just happen to be lucky to be doing a job that I really enjoy. 

“It’s tough at times but I wouldn’t change it.” 

Four Pints Of Larger And A Packet Of Crisps actor Ralf joined the Death In Paradise cast back in October 2019.

The crime drama is filmed in Guadeloupe, a butterfly-shaped collection of islands in the Caribbean.

During the interview, Ralf hinted his beloved character may not be returning for another series. 

Although his exit has not been confirmed by producers, Ralf remarked: “It’s just I have filmed the series that I was originally contracted to do.

“But there’s no indication that they don’t want me to go back, it hasn’t been agreed yet.”

Ralf laughed: “So, before everyone says, ‘Ralf Little drops [a] bombshell on Saturday Kitchen!’, it’s all just still being discussed, that’s all, so it’s not a scoop.

“But yes, I mean, you know, I love the show, I absolutely love it. 

“I feel like it’s a massive privilege to do the show, but it’s, as we talked about earlier, the fact that eight million people watch it.” 

Death In Paradise fans will be pleased to learn the BBC has given the go-ahead for series 12. 

Neville’s love interest Florence Cassell (played by Josephine Jobert) left Saint Marie earlier in the series, leaving viewers wondering if she will return for season 12. 

However, Josephine’s tweet to fans following her exit from the series looked final. 

She penned: “Well, that’s it. Here we are. It’s the big departure for Florence. Some of you had already felt for a long time that this was going to happen. So congratulations. You are the real detectives. You should come to Saint Marie to take my place. You would do an amazing job for sure.”

Saturday Kitchen airs on Saturday at 10am on BBC One. Death in Paradise returns on Friday at 9pm on BBC One. 

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