Death in Paradise: Dwayne Myers return sealed after old flame joins police force?

Death in Paradise: Dwayne Myers arrests killer in series two

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Death in Paradise fans were thrilled to see the return of Dwayne Myers (player by Danny John-Jules) in the Christmas Special. The festive instalment saw Dwayne return to the island after he had been travelling for four years with his dad, Nelson (Ram John Holder). Despite there being no confirmed plans from BBC bosses to bring the fan favourite back, viewers believe Dwayne could make his return after his old flame Darlene (Ginny Holder) joined the Saint Marie police force.

The last time viewers saw Darlene was when she sparked up an intense romance with Dwayne in 2018.

However, when the police officer left the island, fans never saw Darlene again until she made an appearance in series 11.

During the fifth instalment of the BBC programme, Darlene called Commissioner Selwyn Patterson (Don Warrington) and DCI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) after there was a mysterious death at the rehab clinic she worked in.

At the beginning of the episode, Darlene told Selwyn she called him because Dwayne told her to ring him.

“Commissioner, I am so grateful to you for coming,” she began. “It was Dwayne who told me to ask for you.”

“Was it now?” he asked before Neville cut in: “DI Parker, you’re friends with Dwayne?”

She replied: “We used to be a bit more than friends but we stay in touch, and that’s why I called him today.

“As soon as they started pointing the finger at me. They are trying to say it’s my fault that poor girl is dead.”

“But I swear to you it’s not,” Darlene said through tears.

The pop star who died at the clinic was poisoned after someone had prescribed her aspirin, which she was allergic to.

The blame was quickly placed on Darlene, and she lost her job when the owners decided to close the clinic.

Darlene went on to join Neville and the Saint Marie police force as a civilian liaison after she and Selwyn had a heart to heart.

“Thank you, Commissioner,” she began. “You listened to me and you believed me and that is all I wanted.”

He replied: “You know, we are currently an officer down.”

“I am not a trained officer,” she laughed before Selwyn replied: “I know but you could come and help us out as a civilian.”

With Darlene joining the force and the team being an officer down, could this tempt Dwayne to dust off his uniform once again while rekindling his romance with Darlene at the same time?

Fans have also come up with their own theories, with many claiming Dwayne could make a return with Darlene now on the police force.

Debbie penned: “Hopefully with Darlene back perhaps it’s a way to get Dwayne back.”

Sally tweeted: “@DannyJohnJules oooooooooooooooh, keeping Dwayne in the script #deathinparadise.” (sic)

While Zoe added: “So if Naomi gets promoted to Florence’s job, then surely we need someone else in uniform to help Marlon…. Dwayne, perhaps…?! *crosses fingers*.” (sic)

Death in Paradise airs on Friday at 9pm on BBC One.

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