Death in Bollywood viewers outraged by missing evidence and 'planted note' in Jiah Khan's suicide investigation

DEATH IN Bollywood viewers have been left outraged by the perceived failings of the Mumbai Police in tracking down key evidence – including a tracksuit – relating to actress Jiah Khan's death.

The Bollywood actress was tragically found hanging from a ceiling fan in her bedroom at her family's residence in Juhu, Mumbai, in June 2013.

A six-page suicide letter was also found by police at Jiah’s apartment.

Yet The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) announced in January 2021 they were seeking further investigation into the screen star's suicide case – with her British mother Rabia claiming that her daughter was murdered.

As such, the BBC Two show is documenting her family's quest for justice – with viewers calling out the actions of the authorities as the scenes played out.

Many criticisms centred around a tracksuit, worn by Jiah the day of her death, which has since gone missing.

One BBC viewer took to Twitter to rage: "Extremely suspicious that the tracksuit Jiah Khan was wearing the night she died, disappeared from her home and has never been found. #DeathInBollywood."

Another added: "Just watched #deathinbollywood & theres too much unexplained. She saw her mum an hour before, knew a relative would find her, yet there’s no note? The missing tracksuit, the marks on her neck? The WIPED blank phone the CCTV showed her using? I hope her family get #JusticeForJiah."

A third then bluntly asked: "Did someone take her tracksuit? Wtf #deathinbollywood."

Others focussed on the conduct of the police and their apparent "failings".

One ranted: "Missing tracksuit. Planted note.
No forensics. No data recovery from her mobile. Bruises on the body.
Rest of CCTV footage?"

One then added: "It’s makes me angry that #SushantSinghRajput and #jiahkhan did not get the justice they both deserve! #deathinbollywood."

A third surmised: "The police convinced themselves straight away that it was a suicide, was there actually an investigation? Indian police are clearly in on this," as another Twitter user replied: "Agree the phone having everything deleted is suspect…"

Amidst the scepticism over the missing evidence and the question of whether the star's suicide note was planted, many felt sheer sympathy for Jiah's mother, who is leading the charge for justice.

One upset viewer concluded: "Fully rate her mum for all the strength she has firstly, but also for putting up a God damn fight! So sad."

The suicide note found in Jiah's apartment documented her troubled relationship with co-star and partner Sooraj Pancholi in detail – later it was also included in the CBI’s charge sheet.

The CBI revealed they would be investigating the scarf used in the apparent suicide as well as messages exchanged between the Houseful actress and Mr Pancholi.

However, Mr Pancholi’s lawyer have sought action against the CBI for contempt of court over their plea for further investigation.

He was initially arrested on June 10 2013, but was granted bail the following month.

Mr Pancholi continues to deny having anything to do with Jiah's death.

The three-part BBC series into the case airs tonight and Wednesday at 9pm on BBC Two.





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