Darragh Ennis left mortified over ‘really stupid’ The Chase error

The Chase: Darragh Ennis makes jibe about player's job

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The Chase returned on Friday afternoon with four new contestants who were hoping to beat Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis to take home a cash prize. During the episode, Darragh admitted he did not read a question properly which caused him to pick an incorrect answer. The 41-year-old Chaser branded his error “really stupid” but it helped a player get through to the final. 

Henrick, from America, was the first player to take on the Chaser after he raised a respectable £6,000 in his cash builder round. 

He played against Darragh for £6,000 and sailed his way into the final following a stellar performance. 

Cassie was playing against the Chaser for £4,000 following her cash builder round.

However, Darragh was left horrified during their round when he answered a question incorrectly.

Bradley asked what the word scurrilous referred to out of the options bribery, running away or making scandalous claims. 

Cassie thought the third option was the answer but Darragh selected running away as his answer. Cassie was correct. 

A frustrated Darragh asked Bradley afterwards: “Do you ever do something really stupid? 

“I looked at the word and read scurry and didn’t read the question properly and picked the wrong answer. 

“It’s a really bad miss from me,” the Chaser admitted to Bradley. 

His error worked out in Cassie’s favour as she made it through to the final and brought the prize fund up to £10,000. 

Police officer Angie was the third player to go up against Darragh and she was hoping to spend the prize fund in Las Vegas if she beat him in the final. 

Despite her best efforts after raising £3,000 in the cash builder, she was caught out by the Chaser. 

Farmer Ryan was the final player of the night but he was soon sent packing after Darragh caught him. 

Cassie and Henrick answered 10 questions correctly during the final but Bradley thought they were particularly difficult. 

“That was quick,” Henrick sighed when Darragh caught them out during his round.

Following their defeat, Darragh told the pair: “You completely underperformed in the final which is a shame as you performed well otherwise.

“You were very nervous and you didn’t have a chance then.”

Many The Chase viewers took to Twitter following the players’ loss, with Amy remarking: “The Chaser’s questions were easy.” 

@MissLionHeart added: “No one has won The Chase all week!” 

The Chase airs on weekdays from 5pm on ITV. 

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