Dark season 3 location: Where is Dark filmed? Where’s it set?

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Netflix’s most ambitious TV series to date Dark will be concluding this weekend. The final eight episodes of Dark will be released on the streaming platform on Saturday, June 27. Express.co.uk takes a look at the filming locations and settings for the critically acclaimed German-language series.

Where is Dark season 3 set?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Dark seasons 1 & 2

The question is not where but when. Dark season three is simply a continuation of the first two seasons and so fans can expect to see the action taking place over multiple timelines.

Season three will be picking up exactly where it left off with Jonas Kahnwald (played by Louis Hofmann) trying to save his girlfriend Martha (Lisa Vacari) after she was shot dead.

The Dark trilogy has told an intertwining story throughout with the various plot threads interlacing and weaving together to tell a rich and textured tale.

However, judging by Martha’s last lines in season two: “There question isn’t where, it’s which word”, viewers could be seeing some brand-new settings.


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The seems to be hints of a multiverse theory which could also explain where Jonas and this new Martha travelled to.

While there will be many timelines in Dark, all of the show will be taking place in the German town of Winden, which has a powerplant and this setting is the epicentre of the apocalypse.

Winden’s powerplant will be an integral focal point in the show because it is home to the God Particle, the mysterious radioactive entity which makes time travel possible in this world.

Other settings in season three will see the action moving from the various families in Winden: the Dopplers, Nielsens and Tiedemanns.

Where is Dark season 3 filmed?

Seasons two and three of Dark were filmed back-to-back after it was confirmed the show would be a trilogy.

Filming took place in Germany last year with season three wrapping in December 2019 after a 102-day shoot.

Co-creator and director Baran do Odar documented the shoot via his Instagram account, sharing snaps from the set of the cast and crew.

A green screen was used for some of the filming with scenes filmed in a studio including the iconic Winden cave.

The church in Winden is actually located in Südwestkirchhof Stahnsdorf, while the abandoned railway tracks in the woods was filmed in Königsweg, Dreilinden.

Winden’s high school, which features distinct yellow paintwork, was actually the Reinfelder Schule in Berlin.

According to Fotostrasse, the mental asylum exterior shots were filmed at the Biotecon Diagnostics in Potsdam-Süd and the impressive Waldhotel Winden owned by the Tiedemanns were in fact the hotel at Schloss Lanke in Brandenburg.

Dark was mainly filmed in and around Berlin with some previous locations including Saarmund, Tremsdorf and Potsdam-Mittelmark in Brandenburg.

Speaking about the inspiration for Dark, creators bo Odar and Jantje Friese told HeyUGuys in 2017 how they were partly inspired by British crime series The Missing and wanted to create something similar but ended up giving the whole thing a time travel twist.

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On the writing process Friese said: “It’s really difficult to explain, it’s kinda like a fog.

“Sometimes it clears and you have those images, you don’t know everything but you have those places where you want to go but then this also transforms while you’re in the process, so really like trusting the process.

“To have an initial idea in two parts. One is really structured, do you research and the other is completely let go of the bulls*** of that side and see what comes out of you and it’s always jumping back and forth.

“Allowing yourself to be surprised in the process as well because if you have it all laid out, it’s going to feel boring because you already know what’s going to happen.”

Dark season 3 is released on Netflix on Saturday, June 27

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