Dan Walker forced to apologise as BBC guest drops F-bomb condemning Putin

BBC Breakfast: Dan Walker recalls the Queen cutting him off

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The Ukrainian singer, who resides in Kyiv, was interviewed by Dan Walker and Sally Nugent on Wednesday’s instalment of BBC Breakfast about the ongoing Russian invasion of her country. After singing in her mother tongue to viewers, she dropped the F-bomb while deploring President Putin’s actions. Dan had to quickly cut in to apologise to viewers at home for her use of strong language. 

During the instalment, the 51-year-old singer-songwriter told the presenters she wanted to sing to BBC Breakfast viewers. 

Before she started singing, she said: “I used to sometimes sing in Russian, but after this, never. I can sing some songs in English” 

After singing a segment, she continued: “We can’t avoid our enemies, we confront them and I am not running from my native city because this is my home and I want to be here in the heart of Kyiv and sing for my people. 

“Maybe I will sing our national anthem again from this window and I want to say to Putin you’re a murderer, you’re an aggressor.

“Ukraine has never been against Russia, many Russian singers and Russian sportsmen were in Kyiv.” 

She added: “Like our soldiers say, f**k you.” 

Dan interjected: “Maria, I understand the depth of feeling but I have to apologise to our viewers.” 

More to follow… 

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