Daisy tells Jenny about her cancer trauma in new Coronation Street video

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Daisy (Charlotte Jordan)’s world comes crashing down in upcoming Coronation Street episodes when she finds a lump in her breast.

A preview clip shows the moment that she tells a concerned Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) what’s going on. It looks like Daisy has been looking online for information as she sits in the back room of the Rovers.

When Jenny comes in, Daisy is still engrossed in what she’s doing and she’s snappy and irritable with Jenny.

Jenny doesn’t give up, questioning her about what’s the matter. At first Daisy tries to pretend it’s nothing. Then she tells Jenny what’s bothering her. ‘I’ve found a lump,’ she says.

Obviously this is hugely concerning news from Daisy. And when Daniel (Rob Mallard) finds out, it completely throws him as he fears a repetition of what happened with his late wife Sinead.

‘It’s his worst nightmare that it would either happen to him or someone else that he cares about,’ Rob told us. ‘Then doubly worse this is someone that Bertie is growing closer to, a second chance of a mother figure for him and yet again this woman he loves might be struck down with cancer.’

So how might Daniel react? ‘It triggers all of the possible responses you might expect,’ Rob said.

‘It’s quite a selfish response, you think I’ve been through this once and I can’t do it again because you know what’s going to happen, you know what each of you are going to go through. The knowledge of that is almost worse than going through it again and it just makes him want to run away.’

Of course running away isn’t an option for Daisy and she has to face the situation and see a doctor. Will it be the news that she’s fearing?

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