'Counting On': Fans are Undecided On Who Derick Dillard Considers 'Toxic' Within the Duggar Family

Derick Dillard has mentioned that he and his wife, Jill Duggar, are currently working on ridding themselves of “toxic” relationships. While Derick hasn’t named any names, it’s pretty apparent that he’s referring to the Duggar family. Family followers, however, seem to think it is unlikely that he considers the entire family toxic. So, who exactly is he speaking about? Some family critics believe he is referring to Jim Bob Duggar, who, by all accounts, is something of a bully within his own family. Other family followers argue that he’s quietly throwing shade at Josh Duggar, who molested several of his siblings, including Jill, when he was a teen.

Is Derick Dillard referencing histroubled relationship with Jim Bob Duggar when he mentions toxic relationships?

Derick has mentioned avoidingtoxic relationships several times since he began speaking out against theDuggar family, and followers seem to believe he is calling out Jim Bob, in particular.It would make sense that he would feel especially troubled by the TV personality’sbehavior. Jim Bob is rumored to be incredibly controlling, and, according toinside sources, especially easy to anger. Add in the fact that Jim Bob reportedlyhoardsthe family’s TV earnings, and Derick has good reason to consider him toxic.

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Derick also appears to have beenpersonally wronged by Jim Bob. He has claimed, multiple times, that he wasnever paid for his time on Counting On and was threatened with legalaction if he and his wife walked away from the show. Additionally, Derickclaims that TLC refuses to connect with any of the adult stars of the show. Instead,theyonly deal with Jim Bob. Being left out of earnings could certainly explainDerick’s hostile feelings towards Jim Bob.

Is Derick Dillard trying to keepJill Duggar away from her troubled brother, Josh?

Josh Duggar, during his teenyears, molested several of his siblings. He later went on to cheat on his wifeand reportedly dealt with an addiction to pornography. Family critics have longtaken issue with the way Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar dealt with Josh’s inappropriatebehavior, and many believe Derick has a problem with it, too.

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Redditusers note that Jill never appeared in photos with just Josh, and when shedid appear in family photos with him, she never seemed to be standing near him.While Derick has never come out and stated that he hates Josh, family followersstrongly believe there is tension between Josh and several of his sisters’husbands, including Derick.

Maybe Derick things the entire Duggarclan is toxic

Jim Bob and Josh have both displayedsome pretty troubling behavior. There is no denying that. That doesn’t meanDerick is only speaking about them when he references “toxic relationships,”though. Some family critics strongly believe Derick and Jill have plenty ofreasons to take issue with the entire Duggar clan.

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Since many of theadult Duggar kids remain under the thumb of Jim Bob, they have to play byhis rules. Those rules seem to include excluding Derick and Jill. All of theDuggar kids, with the exception of Jinger Duggar, still live within 30 minutesof the Duggar family compound, and yet, Jill doesn’t appear to connect with anyof her siblings particularly often. The fact that most of the Duggar kids seemto be following Jim Bob’s rumored guidelines of cutting Jill out could indicatethat Derick considers them “toxic,” too.

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