Corrie’s Michelle and Nick make shock discoveries about Ronan and the Platts

It’s revelation o’clock on Corrie tonight as there are some big doses of truth set for Nick Tilsley and Michelle Connor.

Robert Preseton is concerned by Ali Neeson’s behaviour.

Meanwhile, the police question Michelle about the accident, and is shocked to hear Ronan had a gun in his car, and may have had even more deadly plans.

Michelle returns home to find Ali with packed bags – will he leave, and for good this time?

Elsewhere, Peter Barlow reaches the end of his tether as Sinead and Vicky continue to squabble, so he bans the use of mobile phones in the factory.

Sinead quickly answers a call from the hospital, as she is being called about collecting her biopsy results, but Vicky immediately reports her to Peter.

She tries to grab her phone and the pair have a fight, at which point Peter suspends both the women for a week.

Daniel later confides in Ken that he has been offered a place on a master course, but due to Sinead’s pregnancy, he fears it’s not the right time.

Peter then insists to Daniel he had no choice put to suspend Sinead after what happened, and Sinead then tells Daniel he should accept his place on his course, if that’s what he wants.

The manager then reveals to Simon he’s suspended Vicky and Simon is worried her son Tyler will make him suffer for it.

So Peter considers bringing her back but Fiz and Izzy make it clear they’ll walk if Vicky returns to work.

Also today Gail Platt reveals to Nick that David did a stint in prison for beating up Gary, and the returned Tilsley is shocked.

Sarah points out that he would know what was going on had he not turned his back on the family, and Nick starts feeling increasingly guilty.

With a boost of guilt, Nick calls Leanne to tell her how sorry he is for the way he let her down, and tells her he wants to make it up to her.

Nick makes it claer she wants Leanne back, will she agree to it?

Later on, the revelations continue as David lets slip he considered takig his own life to Nick.

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Coronation Street

  • Dr Ali turns killer
  • Nick returns for Leanne
  • Three characters dead?
  • Ryan mowed down

David makes it clear he won’t discuss it and wants nothing more to do with Nick, after Simon tells Nick about falling in with Tyler’s gang and getting into trouble.

Carla is shocked when she sees Nick getting in his car.

Finally, Johnny makes breaskfast in bed for Jenny, feeling guilty.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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