Corrie’s Kelly Neelan to be ‘swindled out of dad’s money’ as fans spot DNA twist

Coronation Street teen Kelly Neelan is clearly out of her depth when it comes to dealing with the grief over both her parents’ deaths – but now fans have discovered an even more devastating twist in store.

Plenty think she’s set to be swindled out of her dad’s cash.

Her loan shark father Rick’s entire estate was left to Kelly, with foster father Gary Windass also discovering stacks of cash at his old house.

But Kelly clearly wasn’t sure what to do with it all at first as she insisted she’d sort it later – and didn’t want her dad’s blood money.

Now fans are sure she’ll be swindled out of the cash with the arrival of a key DNA link most have forgotten about.

It turns out Kelly actually has a brother – which was confirmed in a piece of throwaway dialogue way before Kelly even came on the scene, back when Rick was busy terrorising the likes of Joe McIntyre and Gail Platt back in 2009, and then Terry Duckworth in 2012.

And fans are certain the brother could come back on the scene to reclaim his inheritance.

Taking to Reddit, one fan wondered: “I'm pretty sure this has been asked before but what happened to Kelly's brother?”

Another was quick to theorise: “Wonder if the brother wasn’t Laura’s and will pop up soon to challenge Kelly for Rick’s money!”

However, someone else suggested: “Rick only says he has a son and daughter, he doesn't specify that they live together or know anything about each other and so it's quite possibly, given Rick's shady lifestyle, that he had another family and that Kelly knows nothing about her brother.”

“[To be fair] you can't expect them to remember everything. For example, Carla's brother was always called 'Darren' in the years before he was introduced but they didn't feel 'Darren' suited him so renamed him Rob. It's just stuff like Kevin forgetting his dead child that's annoying,” they added in explanation.

Someone else was quick to clear the situation up, writing: “It was mentioned in a one off piece of dialogue about 9 years before Kelly was brought into the show. They didn't think they would bring Rick back into the show or his children.

This happens with a show with other 10000 episodes. Gail mentioned having very religious parents about four years before Audrey was introduced.”

Other fans just wanted to point out more inconsistencies, with one remembering that Sarah Platt wanted nothing to do with daughter Bethany’s dad Neil when she fell pregnant at 13 – and later insisted he was the one to cut contact.

Another couldn’t help joking: “Sam's built a time machine in the attic and every now and again he accidentally steps on a butterfly in the cretaceous and it makes one of these little changes.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.

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