Corrie suicide devastation for Daniel after Sinead's death?

Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) is set to hit rock bottom in devastating Coronation Street scenes which have been filmed this week. Now that Katie McGlynn has filmed her final tragic episodes which will see Sinead Tinker die after losing her battle with cancer, Daniel is left behind with Bertie and, understandably, he will struggle massively to cope with the loss.

Viewers will this week see newlyweds Daniel and Sinead delivered the harrowing news that her cancer is terminal after spreading and she only has months to live. Katie confirmed on Twitter this week that she has now finished filming with the show as Sinead will pass away in what will be some of soap’s most heartbreaking scenes.

The aftermath can now be revealed as Rob has been filming a night shoot which sees his character’s life in serious danger as he lumbers close to the edge of a canal while downing a bottle of whisky. In an absolute state, he ends up passing out in the winter cold – but will he be found before it’s too late? Or could a horrifying twist see him take his own life as he is unable to cope with life without Sinead?

The scenes are expected to air later this year as Sinead still has a number of weeks in the show before her harrowing end. And viewers are preparing themselves for some seriously emotional scenes.

The episodes which follow the exit will give Rob another chance to show off his raw acting talent as viewers ache for him. He has always been just several small steps away from going over the edge due to his damaged nature borne of a neglected childhood and losing his family unit that he dreamed of will destroy him.

The pain is clear in his face as he gets beyond drunk and is then left in a lifeless heap – is Coronation Street set to end the year with another tragic loss?

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