Corrie star Will Mellor opens up on alcohol dependence after his dad's death

Will Mellor has joined the Coronation Street family playing evil drugs lord Harvey.

Over the last few months, viewers have watched Simon (Alex Bain) become tangled in a drug dealing scheme, being forced to deal, knowing he and Leanne (Jane Danson) are struggling for money. Now Leanne knows about Simon’s ordeal, she will become the protective mother we know and try to put a stop to things, but Harvey will make sure they both know he is someone that shouldn’t be messed with.

Away from filming Corrie, Will Mellor hosts a podcast with his good friend and former co-star on Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, Ralf Little.

Will and Ralf’s podcast is called ‘Two Pints with Will and Ralf’ and during an episode, Will talked about the loss of his dad and how during the incredibly tough time, he turned to drink to try and cope.

During a recent press event, as well as talking about his new character Harvey, Will also opened up about losing his dad, and how much he began to rely on alcohol:

‘I’ve been through down times before. I’m a very upbeat person, live for the moment, excitable, creative, try to be life and soul. When that’s not happening there’s another side which wasn’t nice. I lost my sister 9yrs ago didn’t deal with it very well, didn’t want to get out of bed some days was drinking a bit too much got into gambling a little bit but luckily got out of that. I was looking for potential highs to cheer me up which is the worst thing to do.

Alcohol is a depressant – you might feel great that night but the day after you’re on the floor again and feel worse than you did before. Having my wife, family and kids around really helped pull me out of it, I had to stop feeling guilty about things, that I couldn’t do any more for my sister, you put things onto yourself – it was a vicious cycle and I had to get out of it.’

Will continued: ‘When my dad passed, I saw the signs and didn’t go that deep. Obviously, lockdown didn’t help, when you don’t have to be up in the morning there’s no excuse not to have a few drinks! You have a word with yourself, I was sick of feeling rubbish and now I feel great. My mindset is better. You can’t change a situation but you can change yourself, the repetition of what you’re doing and keep an eye out for those little triggers. Stay away from those. I’m alright, I was never an alcoholic or anything but was doing things a bit too regularly.

It wasn’t making me feel any better. Talking helps, if you say you’re struggling, speaking to friends is sometimes easier said than done but it does help.’

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