Corrie star confirms Cassie will reveal several shocking secrets about Evelyn

With Claire Sweeney and Maureen Lipman set to return to Coronation Street imminently as Cassie Plummer and her mum Evelyn, huge secrets are about to be revealed as Tyrone (Alan Halsall) will finally learn the truth about his mother.

Tyrone believes that his biological mother is dead. Evelyn believed that her drug addict daughter Cassie was incapable of looking after him as a baby and left him at a police station. He was brought up by Jackie Dobbs, but when he reconnected with Evelyn she told him that his birth mother had died.

Viewers recently saw Evelyn visiting Cassie in hospital after discovering her daughter had taken an overdose. Cassie had worked out that Evelyn was living with Tyrone, and wanted to see her son and grandchildren and get to know them. Evelyn, however, didn’t want that to happen because of the lies she’d told, and also because of Cassie’s drug addiction.

It transpires that in the time since we saw them both Evelyn has been helping Cassie to come off the drugs she was addicted to.

‘Evelyn took Cassie away to get her clean. She went cold turkey and Evelyn got her clean and looked after her,’ Claire Sweeney told us.

‘As tough as Evelyn can be she took the time to stay with her indoors and get her clean. Evelyn has also got the dilemma of having the nice set up with her grandson and her great grandkids and she doesn’t want anything rocking the boat. She knows when they return they will have all those things to deal with. She needed to get Cassie away and sort her out before it came to that. They have been living in a flat above the precinct and she has basically kept her locked away.’

As we meet Cassie again, this time she’s determined to get to know Tyrone. And as well as the massive bombshell that Evelyn lied about her being dead, Cassie has a lot more she could divulge about growing up with Evelyn.

‘There’s a lot of anger there,’ Claire confirmed. ‘And it’s not just about Tyrone, it goes back to childhood. There is a scene coming up where she talks to Tyrone about why she is the way she is and about her childhood and about her relationship with her mum, who was very cold, never hugged her, never told her she loved her.

‘It was quite a cold relationship really, she even kicked her out when she was a teenager. And so there’s a lot of resentment. You know, fundamentally she does love Evelyn, she’s her mum after all but she finds it hard to forgive the things she’s done to her as a teenager growing up then ultimately even as an adult, she’s she’s continued to lie about about her and she abandoned Cassie’s baby on the steps of a police station. Cassie believes they could have worked something out to keep Tyrone in the family. And then Evelyn has gone back and reaped all the benefits of being a grandma without Cassie.’

As Cassie gets to know her son and his family, viewers will see just how much Evelyn’s coldness towards her impacted her life in heartbreaking ways.

‘She’s just never had that loving environment or the family,’ Claire said. ‘She’s had bad men, she had a mum who didn’t want to know. All she wants is to be loved and be part of a family. That’s evident in scenes, simple things just like sitting having a cup of tea and watching the kids get ready and stuff. I did a scene yesterday. We were just walking to the bus stop and it’s like the best thing she’s ever done in her life.

‘You know, she’s never had any of that. But she wants part of it. And the fact that Evelyn has had that and kept it from her and then told him she was dead is a lot for her to deal with.’

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