Corrie killer Stephen ‘finally exposed’ as fans ‘work out’ Jenny and Teddy plot

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    Coronation Street's resident murderer Stephen Reid could be set for a huge showdown with Jenny Connor.

    Fans think Jenny already knows the truth about her beau Leo's death, as Teddy is faking his amnesia – and has told her everything, about his own accident as well as his son's.

    Teddy was left in a coma after being hit by a car, with Stephen pushing him into the road.

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    Doctors thought there would be damage to his brain, and it appeared Teddy remembered nothing of the attack.

    But fans now think he could be faking it, and could tell Jenny everything.

    Teddy seemed to want Stephen out of the room, but when he left simply said he's glad of the company – and doesn't have any other friends or family.

    Taking to Facebook, one fan speculated: "I think that Teddy [was] awake and he and Jenny are working together to bring Stephen down."

    Another echoed: "He will remember what Stephen said at his hospital bed," while a third said: "It is obvious from when Jenny said people in a coma remember what they hear!"

    Someone else echoed: "Love your theory, hope Elaine is in on it too!"

    "Well,Jenny recovered very quick from hearing that Teddy has swelling on the brain," a fourth agreed.

    As someone else penned: "Hope you right. He did wake up, just hope Stephen don't get to him again, or he's caught in the act of trying to kill him."

    It comes as stars of the soap are becoming "paranoid" about being killed off and losing their jobs in the budding serial killer's storyline.

    Speaking to press, boss Iain MacLeod teased: "Whenever you've got a killer on a soap, the whole cast is worried – is it going to be me? When I call an actor in for a chat, they think 'That's it! Todd Boyce is going to do me in!' Lots of people should be worried."

    He added: "I love Todd. He sees Stephen as a very desperate man backed into a corner – a very enlightened view of who he is!"

    But Iain did tease an end to Stephen's crime spree after his attempt to murder Teddy, explaining: "Needless to say, in a soap, no bodies ever stay buried for long."

    Speaking of Stephen's nature, he said: "He has shades of Richard Hillman for me – that kind of pomposity and refusal to accept you’re on the bones of your behind.

    "His need to be top dog drives him into increasingly desperate acts over the next 12 months.”


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