Corrie fans spot blunder as Liz’s appearance changes despite wedding drama

Coronation Street fans spotted a blunder during tonight’s wedding drama.

Steve McDonald was punched by Tracy Barlow, but that was only the start of the scandal.

Horrified Liz found her ex-husband Jim snogging her supposed long-lost daughter Hannah.

Jim then tried to apologise when he found Liz at their real dead daughter Katie’s grave.

But Corrie viewers noticed that there was something different about Liz’s appearance.

She is known for her flamboyant outfits and had been wearing a bright pink jacket with gold top to her son’s wedding.

However, Liz was suddenly wearing a chunky woolen cardigan and jeans.

Viewers questioned how she had time to change and why she would after the Jim and Hannah bombshell.

Corrie viewers took to Twitter after noticing Liz’s cardigan.

One viewer asked: "When did liz change her outfit?"

Another added: "Given Liz’s wardrobe why is she wearing a chunky cardigan?"

A third said: "Love Liz’s chunky cardigan. Such a change from her other wardrobe. Still…"

Liz threatened to call the police about the scam when Jim tried to explain why he did it.

She wanted to know whose idea it was for Hannah to pretend to be her dead daughter.

"You stamped on our dead daughters grave," she shouted, before shoving Jim to the floor.

She said: "I hope you can hear this Katie. I hope our innocent dead child hears what you did.

"She’s in heaven, and you will never see her because that’s not where you’re going’

"It revolts me to be loved by a creature like you."

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