Coronation Street’s Ryan Connor to make soap exit following attack

Coronation Street: Daisy and Ryan have heart-to-heart in hospital

It’s clear Ryan (played by Ryan Prescott) will be suffering mentally and physically for a long time, but how severe could the psychological impact of what happened to him end up being? Speaking exclusively to, psychologist Justin Gasparovic talked about victims of acid attacks and the long-term impacts. Could Ryan end up making an exit from Coronation Street as he comes to terms with his life-changing injuries?

Ryan was hit with a corrosive substance which deluded stalker Justin (Andrew Still) had aimed at barmaid Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) on the ITV soap.

In distressing scenes, Daisy tried to assist a screaming Ryan as he lay on the pub floor in agony.

He was last seen in hospital trying to come to terms with his injuries, but it’s clear the full road to recovery will be a long journey for him.

The popular character refused to look at his face without the dressings on and at first pushed all visitors away.

In a recent episode, Daisy walked into Ryan’s hospital room just as he was saying goodbye to his mum over the phone.

“Please tell me you haven’t told her not to come and visit,” she remarked.

“She’s just had an operation, she’s laid up herself,” Ryan replied.

“Probably for the best anyway, isn’t it?” He added.

“How come, exactly?” Daisy asked a bedridden Ryan.

“Look at me,” he responded, to which Daisy pointed out: “She’s your mum.”

He later told his doctor he didn’t want to look at his face yet despite Daisy’s encouragement.

Talking about the potential impact of severe burns, Justin stated: “Severe burns and acid attacks can have life-altering physical, psychological, and emotional repercussions.

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“In addition to mental trauma and anxiety, victims might also sustain scarring, disfigurement, and chronic discomfort.

“These injuries may significantly affect a person’s sense of self, interpersonal interactions, and general quality of life.”

With Ryan likely feeling isolated from people’s lack of understanding, as well as traumatised by the event and anxious about scarring, he may decide to get away from Weatherfield.

It probably makes matters worse for the character that Daisy is consumed with guilt that she was the intended victim.

The attack also took place at the Rovers Return, so it’s likely Ryan will want to avoid going back there.

Needing to get away from the constant reminders, it’s possible Ryan will decide to make an exit.

Last year, Ryan expressed a desire to get away from Weatherfield, believing there was nothing left for him on the cobbles.

With the character now coming to terms with a huge trauma, it seems likely he’ll be keener than ever to get away.

Additionally, with the recent mention of Ryan’s mum, it’s possible he might decide to spend some more time with her.

Coronation Street continues on Friday at 8pm on ITV.

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