Coronation Street tragedy as Adam Barlow kills Sarah Platt in horror death twist?

Coronation Street: Adam Barlow reveals that Peter attacked him

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Adam (played by Sam Robertson) has been happily married to Sarah (Tina O’Brien for almost two years now on Coronation Street and despite Gary Windass (Mikey North) trying to cause them trouble, they’ve had no real problems. Unfortunately, in recent scenes on the ITV soap, it’s been revealed newcomer Lydia (Rebecca Ryan) is actually a former lover of the lawyer, one he cannot remember having a relationship with. As his wife and ex-girlfriend start to become best friends, he could find himself lurking to the dark side as he feels Sarah is quickly slipping away from him. But will he kill her as a result?

Official soap spoilers for the Christmas Day episodes have hinted there will be plenty of chaos as the Platt and Barlow families come together.

With the bistro booked out for the grand occasion, things do not go to plan as each member of the clans has their own affairs of the heart going on.

This leaves Sarah fuming at how ungrateful her loved ones are being but the one person on her side to reassure her is her husband.

Adam takes his arm and wraps it around her, telling his wife their Christmas together can finally begin as everyone has left.

It could see this is a passing comment and he wants to spend some more time together alone with his wife but what comes next could see him lash out and kill her.

As he knows his wife has been getting closer to Lydia, Ada could start to feel he is being pushed out of his own relationship.

Although Sarah is going to do some digging into the newcomer in upcoming scenes, she could very much be on her side instead of her husbands.

She could be constantly questioning him and telling him she thinks he is lying about his past and not being able to remember Lydia.

The factory boss could also berate him for making his former lover feel worthless for telling her he couldn’t remember who she was.

With enormous strain on their relationship, Adam might want to spend some alone time with his spouse and the moment on Christmas Day could be the perfect moment.

Unbelievably excited

Rebecca Ryan

However, Lydia could turn up and ruin their romantic moment seeing as she has no family or friends living on the cobbles.

Adam would be furious as he would be starting to feel the newcomer is everywhere he turns and she is now becoming his wife’s best friend.

Knowing he needs to take action, the lawyer could set about planning the perfect murder so he wouldn’t become a suspect in Lydia’s death.

The plan could be going smoothly, with the heartthrob knowing his former lover’s every movement but tragedy could strike.

In a horrific case of mistaken identity, he could accidentally kill Sarah as well as she could be wearing the same outfit as Lydia.

There is a big difference between the two women as one of them is blonde and one of them is brunette, which Adam would know.

With it being winter, both of the women could have been wearing hoods to keep themselves warm and this is where the mix-up could happen.

Coming from behind, Adam could strike the figure around the head and flee the scene of the crime as he wouldn’t want to be caught.

Little would he know he had just killed his wife in cold blood and he got the plan horrendously wrong, with Lydia waiting for her friend on the other side of the cobbles.

Will Adam ever be Abel to forgive himself for the way he ended Sarah’s life and would he hand himself in to the police?

The actress who plays Lydia, Rebecca, has spoken out about joining the cast of the show as it seems she will be sticking around for a while.

In response to an article announcing the news, the soap star wrote on Twitter: “Unbelievably excited to be joining the cast of @itvcorrie.

“It really is a dream come true!! I have grown up watching Corrie for as long as I can remember and now I get to walk the cobbles for real.

“I really am living the dream #Corrie,” she concluded.

However, will her character be looking to support Adam following the death of his wife Sarah or will he pin the blame on her?

Also taking to social media, fans have been reacting to Rebecca’s first few scenes on the show, with Pritha writing: “So Lydia’s little boy that’s just got into Bessie Street is Adam’s biological son right? That seems to be the direction that #Corrie is going. #CoronationStreet.”

Madeline added: “Anyone else sensing the chemistry between Lydia and Sarah #corrie who ships it?” referring to the term when two people’s names are put together at the beginning of a relationship.

“I love Sarah and Lydia’s friendship already #Corrie,” Michelle added.

“Oh is there going to be another Sam/Nick/Natasha story coming with Lydia, her son and Adam? #Corrie,” Kathy surmised.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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