Coronation Street tour – ticket info, what's included and whether you'll meet the cast revealed

CALLING all Corrie fans out there – now's your chance to walk along those famous Cobbles while taking a trip down memory lane.

And if you're a local then you can even get your hands on reduced price tickets. Find out everything you need to know below…

How do I get tickets to the Coronation Street tour?

You can get tickets to the tour at the official website here.

Tickets start at £25 for Adult Resident's Admission which is between August and October and is available to local residents with an M postcode.

However, if you aren't from the Manchester area you can still enjoy what's on offer with a Coronation Street The Tour Admission.

The ticket which includes a fully guided tour of the iconic set will set you back £35 – and children between 5-15 years can enjoy the festivities too with a half price ticket at £17.50.

And you're in luck because tours run between 9am-6pm on the weekends that the cast aren't filming – so there's ample opportunity to enjoy what's on offer.

What's included in the tour?

Be prepared to take a little trip down memory lane on the iconic Cobbles.

In an 80-minute tour you'll be guided through some of Corrie's famous landmarks – including Weatherfield's very own Rosamund Street and the never-before-seen Victoria Street.

Oh and you can even window shop at Preston's Petals and Roy's Rolls while you're at it.

During the guided tour you'll be reminded of some of the show's most gripping storylines as well as let in on a few inside secrets too if you're lucky.

And of course it's the perfect location for an Instagram-worthy selfie.

The tour takes place at Manchester's MediaCityUK in Salford, Manchester – and it's advised that you take the tram from Manchester City if you want the fastest route to the set.

Will I meet the cast?

Unfortunately it's highly unlikely that you'll get to meet any of your favourite characters as the tour takes place when the cast and crew aren't filming.

So unless you happen to be lucky enough to chance across a cast member who's decided to pop in on their day off, you might have to accept that the famous set is the only part of the show that you'll get to enjoy in the flesh.

However, fret not there's a whole host of other things to do and bundles of entertainment included in the fun day out!

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