Coronation Street star reveals 'hurtful' mental health impact from trolls

Maria Connor’s (Samia Longchambon) life on the council is about to get a lot tougher in Coronation Street as it becomes apparent someone is trolling her.

Determined to make Weatherfield and the surrounding areas a greener, safer place for children to grow up, Maria turns her attention to the bins and recycling.

However, this week she’ll learn the recycling collectors are going on strike because of the extra bins she’s set up.

During a meeting with the team leader, Maria offers a pay rise to account for the extra workload because of the new bins.

Maria hopes it will be enough, but prioritising peoples’ pay becomes something she’s forced to put aside as Maria learns someone has started a hate campaign against her.

During this storyline, Samia Longchambon has drawn on her own experiences, as she reveals how being trolled impacted her, during a chat with

‘I’ve certainly had trolls and to the point where it’s been really upsetting. And it’s not, it’s not nice to read. As much as people say, don’t read it. It’s almost like picking a scab, you know you shouldn’t, but at the same time, there’s a bit of you that just wants to know what other people are reading about what other people are saying about you. I would often think, “if someone is writing that about me, then I want to know what other people might be reading about me”. God, it’s really hurtful.

‘It’s horrible and I can see why it ends up affecting people’s mental health. Over the years it has had effects on me, definitely.’

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