Coronation Street spoilers: Billy blames Paul as Summer is left for dead

Coronation Street’s Billy Mayhew will blame partner Paul Foreman when the life of Summer Spellman is put at risk in an horrific car accident. But what the Weatherfield vicar has failed to realise is that devious Todd Grimshaw has been scheming behind the scenes to ruin Billy’s relationship.

Next week’s drama finds Todd (Gareth Pierce) making a secret call to Will (Ben Hackett) and instructing him to force his way into Billy and Paul’s (Peter Ash) flat. But what the conniving Mr Grimshaw hasn’t counted on is Summer (Harriet Bibby) stumbling upon the scene and catching Will mid-raid.

Fleeing the flat, Summer ends up being hit by a vehicle and will be seen lying lifeless in the Street, just as Billy and Paul arrive home. Speaking about the terrifying scene that greets them, actor Daniel Brocklebank, who plays Billy, says:

‘He and Paul come around the corner in a celebratory mood because of the outcome to Paul’s court case. But what they see is Summer in the middle of the road. As with any parent, their primary objective is to make sure an ambulance is on the way.’

And does Billy realise who has caused the accident? ‘Well, he does spot Will on the opposite side of the Street. But, of course, he doesn’t know who it is because he’s never set eyes on him before. It’s not until later in the episode that Paul actually confesses to the fact that it’s Will who’s responsible.’

Recent episodes of Corrie have seen Paul befriend Will through his work at a local call centre. Believing that Will is being abused by his stepfather, Paul unwisely offered the troubled teen his personal mobile phone number. But what the good Samaritan hasn’t twigged is that Will is having his strings pulled by Todd, who is trying to split Paul and Billy up.

Those devious efforts look set to pay off in the aftermath of Summer’s trauma, with Billy letting it be known that Paul has earned his ire: ‘He’s angry and disappointed – the worst combination of all reactions! At this point, Billy blames Paul entirely. In his eyes, Paul brought Will not only into their lives, but into their own home. And he’s now endangered the life of Billy’s daughter, who’s his number one priority.

‘She’s a kid, who has to be put first, above and beyond everyone else. So, this is the final straw – Billy has had enough.’

Following the showdown, Paul will be left fearing that he’s lost everything, while Todd experiences a pang of conscience at having pushed things to the point where Summer has been inadvertently caught up in his machinations.

‘I think Todd feels a huge amount of guilt because of what’s happened to Summer,’ says Brocklebank. ‘He realises he’s gone too far, as Summer is his daughter as well.’

It remains to be seen, though, whether the family unit that Todd has tried to wreck can be salvaged. Or might it be the case that Billy and Paul have passed the point of no return?

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