Coronation Street heartbreak for Daisy as Daniel finds new love

Coronation Street's Harriet Bibby on fan theories

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Coronation Street’s Daisy (played by Charlotte Jordan) recently had a cancer scare after she found a lump in her breast. After Daniel (Rob Mallard) reacted badly and realised how much she meant to him, he decided that he was going to propose. However, could Daniel follow in the footsteps of his father and leave Daisy heartbroken if someone new enters the picture?

In recent scenes, Daniel accompanied Daisy to her doctor’s appointment where she received the results of her scan.

As they sat in the doctor’s room, Daisy told Daniel: “It’s mad this, isn’t it? Waiting for some stranger to come in and tell me whether I’ve got cancer or not.”

Daniel reassured her: “Well even if it is, the worst-case scenario, at least they’ve caught it early and then hopefully, we can do something about it.”

Emotional, she added: “What if they can’t? What if they haven’t caught it in time,” before the doctor entered the room.

Getting to the point, he informed Daisy that the lump she found was only a cyst, meaning that she didn’t have breast cancer.

After celebrating the results with Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews), Daniel has been more determined to get his proposal to Daisy perfect.

When asked whether Daisy and Daniel are meant to be together, Charlotte told and other press: “I think they work well together.”

Rob added: “I think that the differences between them, there’s enough.

“The differences between them…and for them to both be kept interested in each other and they’re so different as people that it…”

Charlotte interjected: “So different but then they also do have deep down very similar things like things that connect them.

“Like they’ve both experienced grief and they’ve both got abandonment issues, parent wise like they’ve got meaningful things that will keep them together, that they can understand about each other.”

Rob continued: “Generationally, like Daniel does have a different… I mean around about the same age but Daisy’s the Instagram generation.

“Daniel’s just a bit before that. So Daniel kind of does look at the whole Instagram world with a very sceptical view because he’s books and learning and teaching and there’s reason.”

When challenged on whether Daniel could follow in Ken Barlow’s (William Roaches) footsteps and have his head turned, Rob explained: “I think, he’s determined to, he’s a one-person person.

“He’s not one of these people that thinks this will do for now, he very much thinks about what we’re going to look for, what we’re going to be like together when we’re old.

“But he’s a Barlow, not by name, he’s an Osbourne by name, but by nature is definitely a Barlow.

“So I imagine that if he met a woman who was really close to him in terms of interest that might, especially if things weren’t going too well with him and Daisy, who knows?”

Could the pressures of a modern wedding push Daniel to make a mistake and lose Daisy once and for all?

Daisy has been supportive of Daniel and helped him through her initial discovery of her lump after his first wife Sinead Osbourne (Katie McGlynn) died of breast cancer years earlier.

The bartender would be left heartbroken if she found out that Daniel has secretly been seeing someone else behind her back.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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