Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ who stole Daisy Midgeley’s ring

Coronation Street's Harriet Bibby on fan theories

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Daniel Osbourne (played by Rob Mallard) was planning to propose to Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) on Christmas Day in Coronation Street. The couple had agreed to just spend £20 on one another and Daisy believed Daniel had bought her a bottle of wine. Little did she know, there was actually a ring hidden in the gift bag.

Unfortunately, Daniel’s plans to propose were scuppered when the ring was stolen.

After the Barlows argued over the Christams lights outside of the house, they all agreed to head to the market.

When they returned to the house, they noticed the presents were no longer under the tree and Daniel panicked.

Daisy insisted she didn’t need a bottle of wine but Daniel decided he couldn’t go through with the proposal.

While the Barlows sulked over their stolen presents, in Roy’s Rolls, Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths) was chatting to his son Jacob (James Jack Ryan).

Damon handed over £500 for Jacob to buy a his girlfriend Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) a flashy present for Christmas.

Jacob was thrilled with the cash but viewers believe Damon may have sunk to criminal activity to get his hands on the money.

Talking to Twitter, viewers claimed Damon may have stolen the gifts and sold them in order to get cash.

@floweroflondon tweeted: “They’ve been robbed and Damon has a wallet full of cash #Corrie.”

“#CorrieDaniel’s ring gets stolen then Damon gives Jacob £500 in cash. Hmm…,” @jeffnewton1 added.

Meanwhile, many viewers were just heartbroken for Daniel and Daisy.

“OMG Daniel. Can’t believe burglars actually stole what would of been Daisy’s Engagement ring. What now? #Corrie,£ @griannedoherty3 tweeted.

@itsamyyyylouise continued: “Not the ring #corrie #coronationstreet.”

While it looks like Daniel may not get to propose after all, actors Charlotte and Rob believe the couple work well together.

Rob told “I think that the differences between them, there’s enough.

“The differences between them…and for them to both be kept interested in each other and they’re so different as people that it…”

Charlotte added: “So different but then they also do have deep down very similar things like things that connect them.

“Like they’ve both experienced grief and they’ve both got abandonment issues.

” Parent wise like they’ve got meaningful things that will keep them together, that they can understand about each other.”

Fans will have to wait until Christmas Day to see if Daniel can find a replacement ring in time.

Coronation Street airs Christmas Day on ITV at 8pm.

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