‘Concerned for my sanity’ Kate Garraway shares Ben Shephard worries over Derek treatment

Kate Garraway discusses going to Mexico with Derek

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Good Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway had her world turned upside down in 2020 when her husband Derek Draper contracted COVID-19. Nearly two years on, Derek has been left devastated by the virus, requiring 24-hour care at the family’s home. Kate has given ITV viewers a candid account of how the ramifications of the virus have affected her, Derek and her family in the documentary Caring for Derek and admitted to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on This Morning how a radical new trial in Mexico has provided some hope for her other half’s future. 

However, Kate also admitted how her GMB colleague and close pal Ben Shephard was quick to voice his concern at the method.

Bringing up the issue on Thursday morning, Phillip said to Kate: “Mexico is a fascinating step forward. 

“You look at that and you think – I know you’re going again next month – the logistics of getting you there…”

“I know,” Kate replied before going on to explain the reasoning and thinking behind the – as she described – “bonkers” step.

She continued: “That came at a really low point when I thought, ‘Oh god, this is not sustainable’.

“The system… I mean, I don’t believe that we can have 24-hour care forever, you know.

“There’s a point where money runs out and I was thinking, ‘This isn’t sustainable, there isn’t the structure there to help long-term, what are we actually going to do?’

“‘I can’t give up, I can’t give up on him,’ and I’ve been doing a lot of research on the following documentary of wonderful people who’ve contacted me and this particular doctor had dealt with people not as severe as Derek but in the area.

“(He) offered us the chance to be a kind of test case,” Kate went on before referring back to the logistics of it all.

She said to Phillip: “But you’re right, he can sustain sitting in a wheelchair for maybe 20 minutes before he flags.

“So the thought of going 5,000 miles seemed properly bonkers,” she admitted.

The GMB star then opened up on Ben’s reaction as she commented: “I think Ben Shephard was a little bit concerned about my sanity.”

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However, Kate revealed her pal had had a change of heart as he grew to understand the situation.

“But then (he) got it,” Kate said. “We sort of worked hard and funnily enough, I sort of thought that at the end of the journey, if nothing else comes from this…

“The fact that he’s done this, I can already see has said something to himself about the possibility of hope.”

Holly and Phillip shared their sympathies for Kate and her other half before moving on with the rest of the interview.

And they weren’t alone as This Morning viewers were quick to praise the MB star for opening up about her journey with Derek.

On Twitter, Michelle Holliday said: “@kategarraway makes me tear up, my dads a full time carer to mum from a stroke and this makes me think of him, the heart ache of someone you love trapped inside just wanting to get out is the worst ever! Thank u Kate for raising the awareness #ThisMorning.”

Caitlin Ormond echoed: “Kate Garraway really is just an angel isn’t she, what a lovely lovely woman #CaringForDerek #ThisMorning.”

While @HayleyWillz46 added: “Such an awful situation for poor Derek and Kate, glad they were able to show just how hard it is getting support from the relevant places and what people that need assistance are having to go through #ThisMorning.” (sic)

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV. Kate Garraway: Caring for Derek is available to stream on ITV Hub now.

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