Conan O'Brien's 20 Best Late-Night Moments (Photos)

From “Late Night” to “Conan,” Conan never disappoints


As the famed host ends his late-night career with the final episode of “Conan” premiering June 24, we look back on Conan O’Brien’s best moments.

1. Conan Runs Across the U.S.In his debut on “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien,” the newbie host realizes that he forgot to move to LA before assuming hosting responsibilities — and proceeds to run across the United States in this cold open. 

2. The $1.5 Million SketchAs Conan assumes the impending cancellation of “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien,” he chooses to use the NBC’s large budget to create a nonsensical skit. Check out how Conan involves a Bugatti and the royalties to a Rolling Stones classic to make up this supposed $1.5 million sketch.

3. Old Time BaseballConan visits an old-timey baseball game in this beloved clip. In his final “Late Night” episode, Conan referred to this sketch as a personal favorite.  

4. Student DriverConan guides a student driver with the help of Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. No more explanation needed.

5. Conan Trains to Play Wonder WomanGal Gadot prescribes the Wonder Woman workout — assessing his greatest weakness as “very weak legs.”  

6. Professor FeathersWill Ferrell politely asks Conan to respect his privacy and resist asking about the furry friend on his shoulder — a request that Conan refuses. Consider this Conan’s attempt at “gotcha journalism.”

7. Civil War ReenactmentConan struggles getting in and staying in character as a Civil War soldier. His big dreams for after the war ends? Head out West and become a talk show host.

8. Conan Joins GrindrConan enlists Billy Eichner to help him explore his sexuality by joining Grindr under the guise of Frecklef*cker.

9. A Visit to Taco BellConan grants IT whizz Chris Hayes his wish of visiting the Taco Bell test kitchens. Apparently the complete Taco Bell experience includes peeking at employees while they taste test the franchise’s newest creations.

10. The Most Iconic LyftIf you liked watching Conan, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart teach a student driver, you’ll love watching this trio ask the Lyft driver the nearest location of a good weed spot.

11. The Case of the Missing ‘Gigolos’ MugAs the “spirtual leader” of his cast and crew, Conan “works stiff” to track down his assistant’s missing mug. 

12. Cake PoliceConan busts his employees for creating a secret email list for free food in the office. His first question to the foodies: “Do you have any guilt?”

13. Butterscotch the ClownConan tackles an important issue of representation by bringing Butterscotch the clown onto the show to explain why clowns are protesting “IT.”

14. Conan’s “Tonight Show” GoodbyeAfter controversies regarding Conan’s relationship with NBC, in his heartfelt goodbye Conan says, “I do not regret any second of anything that we’ve done here.” 

15. Self Defense ClassConan uses flattery to lure prideful gunmen in his self defense class with Steven Ho. 

16. Creepy CameramanConan wonders who is sending his wife mysterious, creepy gifts. This sketch was from the good old days when “poking” someone on Facebook was extremely suggestive.

17. Conan hangs out with the InternsWhen Conan calls the interns “Pencil Guy” and “Glasses Woman,” the interns throw back some shade of their own. 

18. Performance ReviewsA “great job” pin is an alright substitute for a raise, right? 

19. Latecomer Producer Jordan SchlanskyConan investigates his producer’s late tendencies and grills him intensively on his morning routine.

20. Conan Visits HaitiAs a part of his “Conan Without Borders” series, Conan celebrates the people of Haiti after Trump called it a “shithole country.” Along the way Conan finds a new candidate for the U.S. presidency.
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