Colbert Casts Regé-Jean Page's Sexy 'Bridgerton' Replacement, Gilbert Gottfried (Video)

Would you burn for him?

Jennifer Maas

Once the (super fake) first look at Season 2 began to roll, we forgot all about Page — because it was impossible to think about him once Gottfried’s Lord Sexy was screaming at us.

Here are some of Lord Sexy’s best lines from this special teaser:

“It’s me, Lord Sexy! Should we hump in my study, your grace?”

“Hot damn! Looks like tonight’s menu is porking with a side of sideboob.”

“I hereby knight me Sir Boinksalot. Now arise.”

“You’re talking about the rash on my balls, right? The apothecary said just slather on this unguent. A hand, my lady, down in South Sussex?”

“Time to drop pantaloons and show the world my juicy buns.”

Watch Gottfried join the “Bridgerton” universe via the via above.

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