Christopher Lloyd Cheers Mandalorian Role: 'Great Scott! It Was an Honor'

Christopher Lloyd has spoken.

Nearly a week after being a part of a guest star-studded episode of The Mandalorian, filmdom’s erstwhile Doc Brown has opened up about his visit to the vast Star Wars universe.

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In the Disney+ series’ April 12 episode, titled “Guns for Hire” and directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, Bo-Katan (played by Katee Sackhoff) and Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) were led to Plazir-15, a democratic planet whose elected leaders were played by Jack Black (as Captain Bombardier) and Lizzo (as the Duchess).

There, Bo and Din were promptly enlisted to solve a droid problem, and that led them to Commissioner Helgait, the planet’s head of security — played by Lloyd in Level 8 Exasperation Mode. (We won’t spoil the rest.)

“Great Scott!” the actor shared on Twitter this Tuesday afternoon, busting out his Back to the Future catchphrase. “Traveling through space and time has led me to a galaxy far, far away!

“Thank you to the incredible @themandalorian community for the warm embrace,” he continued. “It was an honor to join this iconic franchise and be a part of the force.”

Previously, Lizzo weighed in on her own guest spot in the episode, as the dynamically costumed Duchess who wound up knighting Grogu.

“As a kid, my dad showed me Star Wars like a rite of passage,” Lizzo shared on Twitter, along with several BTS photos of her with fellow guest stars Black and Lloyd. As such, “When I got the role of The Dutchess [sic] I cried all day. Dad, I wish u were here to see this!”

“Thanks to everyone in the Galaxy I am now part of the ever-expanding saga of the stars,” Lizzo noted, adding two go-to Star Wars/Mandalorian sayings: “This is The Way,” and “May the Force be with U.”

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