Christine McGuinness reveals heartbreaking way she helps her kids’ anxieties

Christine McGuinness shared the heartbreaking way she helps to relieve her children’s anxieties due to their autism.

The mother of three, who has announced all of her children are autistic, became emotional as she discussed the way her kids’ conditions have affected her relationship with husband Paddy, who she said had "really struggled" when they were diagnosed.

But in order to help twins Penelope and Leo, five, and Felicity, two, Christine has created something very special so they are not surprised or overwhelmed by things they encounter throughout the day.

A visual calendar.

Christine revealed she takes pictures of places where she and the children are going, so they know what to expect as they are on their way.

Talking to Loose Women’s Kaye Adams, Janet Street Porter, Linda Robson and Saira Khan , she said: "Even if family members are coming over, I want to show them a photo to show them who’s coming.

"I think the last picture on the board because that’s the home pictures just so that they know wherever we’re going, we’re going to go home, and it’s just pictures."

Later, she became incredibly emotional and started to cry after watching a clip from Paddy, who called her an "incredibly mother."

She admitted they struggle to find time together, and the diagnosis was particularly difficult for Paddy.

Using a tissue to wipe her eyes, she said: "I have to say, he’s amazing too, he’s brilliant, he’s so good.

"I just manage it – he struggled and I think if you’re doing what we’re doing and you struggle it’s ten times worse. For me I’ve just got on with it, for him he does it because he has to, because he loves the children.

"Just getting his head around the fact we’ve got three children with a lifelong condition we knew nothing about… he’s absolutely amazing, he only spoke about it for the firs time recently and he’s opened up – I think it’s harder for men and dads."

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She then said they cannot go on holiday anyway abroad because of the kids, and stay near their school as much as possible so they are close if they get a phonecall.

Her interview came as part of Loose Women’s Autism Hour, where the music was brought down and the lights dimmed to make the atmosphere more palatable for the audience, which was made up of autistic adults and their families.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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