'Chicago Med': Ethan Choi Isn't Making Any New Friends But He Is Creating Tension

Chicago Med resumed with its sixth season, and if the showrunner’s sentiments are anything to go by, it seems that the new season will be full of drama. Chicago Med is part of the One Chicago franchise created by Dick Wolfe.

The show revolves around medical professionals at the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center and how they interact professionally and personally. One of the most beloved characters on the show is Dr. Ethan Choi. Recently Ethan received a promotion, but as he learned that great power comes great responsibilities and great enmity.

‘Chicago Med’: Ethan is a veteran

Much like his father, Ethan joined the army but as a medic. His father was a Navy veteran. Ethan was employed in Baghdad in a medical aid camp and served on the USS Carl Vinson. When he returned to Chicago, he joined Gaffney as a resident in Emergency Medicine.

Ethan clearly suffers from PTSD and anxiety and has found himself unable to handle or process his emotions. During the first two seasons, he gets into a relationship with Dr. Vicky Glass. He, however, calls things off right when she is about to introduce him to her parents.

His mixed feelings towards April caused the breakup. After realizing that he loved April, they begin dating and eventually move in together. Although their relationship is usually strained several times, they still manage to find common ground and their ways back to each other.

Ethan has a sister called Emily. When Emily arrives in Chicago, April can’t help but feel like Ethan is too tough on her. Ethan and April plan on getting children but can’t conceive which frustrates her when the IVF treatments fail.

Ethan’s promotion in season 6 has caused friction

According to TV Line, in the second episode of the sixth season, called “Those Things Hidden in Plain Sight,” Ethan gets promoted to Emergency Department Chief. On his first day on the job, Ethan got into a confrontation with Will about a patient.

Will accused Ethan of second-guessing his treatment suggestions for the patient and warned him against micromanaging his every move. The tension between the two medics is set to come to a high since Will is planning to conduct a clinical trial on Ethan’s ED through Dr. Virani.

Ethan’s ex April was okay with the news about Ethan’s promotion. She congratulated him and offered to set him on the path straight if he ever became a “hard ass.” However, all pleasantries went down the drain when the two butted heads about a coronavirus patient.

April wanted Ethan to grant permission to a mother seeking to say her goodbyes to her dying daughter. Ethan refused by saying that the girl was contagious and it would be risky for her. When Ethan reconsiders his decision and allows the mother to visit, he finds out that she was brought in after contracting the virus.

April’s opinions matter a lot to Ethan, and her doubting his instincts could be a major setback for Ethan and his job. He holds a soft spot for her, which could create even more tension within the hospital, especially if other staff members sense the slightest bit of favoritism.

Will was also gunning for the job

Will hasn’t been in the best place recently. He just went through a nasty breakup with Hannah, and his place was infested with bedbugs, which has left him temporarily homeless. Will had learned about Dr. Lanik’s departure from the hospital and hoped that getting the job would signify his good fortune had returned.

However, he was shocked to find out that Ethan had landed the job, never mind that Will hadn’t put himself to run for it. Goodwin explained that he currently wasn’t the right fit compared to Ethan, and his relationship with Hannah didn’t help his case much. Will took the news about Ethan’s promotion as he typically would: aggressively and bitterly.

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