Charlotte Crosby and Joshua Ritchie in hysterics after her mum is left furious with new body art on Just Tattoo Of Us

A furious Letitia Crosby had agreed to get an inking while appearing on Just Tattoo Of Us, which Charlotte hosts.

The artwork was designed by Charlotte's dad Gary Crosby and featured a flower alongside a sentimental quote.

Letitia was blindfolded while she was inked, with absolutely no idea of what she was getting permanently etched onto her body.

Charlotte, 28, and 24-year-old Joshua were unable to contain their giggles as Letitia's blindfold was removed – with the star's mum looking unimpressed with the end result.

Letitia could be heard muttering: "Oh, Gary," before asking what it says.

Gary replies: "My love, my life, my soulmate."

Letitia was left visibly unhappy with the tat, which tickled her daughter.

Charlotte has presented Just Tattoo Of Us since the show launched in April 2017, and will be joined by a series of special guest co-hosts for the latest series.

The star's boyfriend, Joshua Ritchie, is one of the famous faces to feature – with Chloe Ferry, Nathan Henry and Joey Essex also set to appear.

Charlotte and Joshua have been dating since the end of last year, and the Geordie favourite recently confessed that they've had to have "counselling sessions" due to their massive rows.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Charlotte said: "Now we are more serious we have some really big rows.

"We really know how to wind each other up and how to annoy each other.

"He seems so laid back but when he finally snaps he has a massive temper.

"We hit a bit of a hard place in our relationship. We weren't moving forward we were just moving backwards."

Charlotte and Joshua's ongoing spats became so intense the crew on set of her reality series, The Charlotte Show, had to intervene – organising a "counselling session" for the pair to sort their issues.

She added: "We were filming The Charlotte Show and arguing solidly for three hours and in the end the camera crew put down the cameras and sat us down and started counselling us.

"We had a full on counselling session from the camera men. They had to intervene because neither of us was listening to the other one."

Charlotte continued: "Since then we've tried to listen to each other more and we've never had a big argument since."

Just Tattoo Of Us premieres tonight at 10pm on MTV

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