Charlie Stayt cuts off Lib Dem MP in clash over ‘straightforward’ question

BBC Breakfast host Charlie Stayt put his foot down when he discussed the ongoing partygate scandal with Liberal Democrats Deputy Party Leader Daisy Cooper.

During Saturday’s (May 7) instalment of the popular BBC One morning news show, the 59-year-old and his co-host Naga Munchetty welcomed the party leader onto the show to discuss the changing council political landscape.

As he caught up with the 40-year-old MP, the duo discussed the wins and losses for the Conservatives and how the Lib Dems managed to gain almost 200 council seats in England.

After discussing the story all morning on the BBC show, the broadcaster wanted to get her thoughts on Boris Johnson ’s current ongoing investigations for breaking lockdown rules during the peak of the pandemic and whether he should step down.

Cooper was all smiles when she appeared on the show, where she confessed she was delighted that the Lib Dems had gained almost 200 seats in the recent local elections.

When the politician appeared on the show, some councils up and down the country were still waiting on results to be fianlised, but as it now stands, the Lib Dems had won 191 seats in the Houses of Parliament.

Before the newsreader brought the interview to a close, he asked: “Can I just ask you one last question on a current issue, Daisy Cooper?

“What’s your position on Party Leaders who break the law? Do they have to resign? Is that very straightforward for you?”

Cooper replied: “Politicians should not be breaking the law – let's be honest! But if you are referencing the allegation against Keir Starmer, that is for him to answer.”

As she opened up about the current news headlines on the Leader of the Official Opposition being investigated for potential breaches, she added: “I think it is really important for public trust that police forces do investigate any allegations like this and that they do it in a fair and impartial way.”

It was at this point that Charlie cut her off as he called her out for not answering his question on the show with a sharpened tone.

He probed: “You will understand, Daisy, because that is not quite the question I was asking, and I think you know that.

“Which is that Boris Johnson has been fined. There is clearly a possibility, given there is an investigation, that Keir Starmer could be fined.

“What is your position on leaders of parties, in this case clearly MPs, who have broken the law and have been fined? Can they carry on doing their jobs? It is quite straightforward.”

After she gathered herself, Cooper stated that it “depends on what laws you are talking about” as she attempted to dodge the question once more.

She went on: “But in the current case where Boris Johnson wrote the rules and broke the rules and misled Parliament and is now under investigation by three different investigations, I think he, in particular, is unfit for office, and I do think that he should resign.”

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