Channel 5 doc reveals that there’s more vitamins in frozen fruit and veg than fresh buys

A CHANNEL 5 show has discovered there is more essential Vitamin C in frozen peas compared to fresh.

Episode three of Secrets of the Supermarket Food sees presenters Sian Williams and Stefan Gates investigate whether fresh fruit and veg really are better than frozen or if some of our five a day are cheaper, tastier and more nutritious frozen.

As part of the show, food and science writer Stefan looks at the nutrition in frozen and fresh veg, focusing on the levels of vitamin C which is vital to our immune systems.

One third of us believe fresh is more nutritious than frozen so Stefan puts peas to the vitamin C test in an experiment with Dr Matt Baker at Bath Spa University.

They discover frozen peas have significantly more vitamin C than supermarket fresh peas.
For the experiment Stefan and Dr. Baker compared the amount of vitamin C found in 100g of frozen peas to that of 100g of fresh peas.

The recommended daily amount of vitamin C for the average person is 40mg.

What they found was that although the fresh peas from the supermarket carried a substantial amount of vitamin C, there is more vitamin C in 100g of frozen peas compared to 100g of fresh as long as they are consumed within their best before date on the packaging.
Dr. Baker also tested supermarket ‘fresh’ peas right at the end of their best before date and found the vitamin C content of the fresh peas had significantly declined over several days.
Summing up the experiment Stefan said: “It’s definitely best to buy and eat fresh peas well within the best before date.

"In our experiment frozen peas lose a little vitamin C in processing but have held their own pretty well against just-picked peas.

"If you grow peas in your garden, lucky you, for the rest of us frozen peas have more vitamin C than fresh by the time they hit the supermarkets and our plates.
"If it’s vitamin C that matters to you, then go for frozen!”

Secrets of the Supermarket Food airs tonight at 8pm on Channel 5.

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