Carole Baskin hopes to find missing husband Don Lewis after DWTS advert

Tiger King star Carole Baskin is now throwing her support behind the Dancing With The Stars advert for her missing husband after her initial sceptical reaction. 

As Carole made her big debut on DWTS last week, the family of her former husband Don Lewis aired a commercial begging for information about his disappearance. 

While Carole previously issued a scathing response to the advert, she’s now taken a softer approach. 

When asked by TMZ whether she hopes Don, who is presumed dead, would be found, Carole responded: ‘That would be wonderful if that was a side benefit.’ 

She then walked off when asked if she thought her big cat arch nemesis Joe Exotic should be pardoned by President Donald Trump. Of course, Joe is currently in prison for plotting to kill Carole after years of nasty feuding. 

In the Netflix documentary, Joe famously accused Carole of being involved with Don’s disappearance and shared his theory that she ‘fed him to the tigers’. However she’s repeatedly denied being behind Don’s disappearance. 

He went missing in 1997 and was declared legally dead five years later in 2002.

According to Variety, a commercial went out during a DWTS ad break to viewers in Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida. It featured Don’s daughter, his family attorney, and former assistant pleading with those who know anything about what happened to him or Carole’s alleged involvement to come forward.

They are offering a $100,000 (£76,000) reward for information on what happened to him. 

Reacting to the advert, Carole told in a statement: ‘Someone (a reporter I won’t name) made sure that I knew about it 10 minutes before going out on the dance floor tonight and you can see that it did not keep me from bringing the best performance of my two weeks of learning.’ 

She had earlier told Entertainment Tonight: ‘I have not seen the ad. I am not at all surprised. 

‘It’s just been a huge publicity stunt on their part so what more could they possibly do than that.’ 

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