Cardi B howls in pain through her face mask as she appears to get a bikini wax – The Sun

CARDI B has shared a video of herself getting a bikini wax during coronavirus lockdown.

Wearing a face mask, the singer screamed in agony as she told her followers: “Today is pain day!”

As she writhes around in pain, Cardi can be heard yelling ‘Erika, Erika, Erika’ – leading some to believe the star is quarantining with her long-term make-up artist Erika La Pearl.

Cardi’s video of herself getting a beauty treatment has left fans wondering if she’s sticking to social distancing rules amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

In the video a lady can be seen getting to work while Cardi holds another person’s hand. The Bodak Yellow hitmaker also references another woman – ‘the nail lady’ – in the clip.

One fan wrote: “I got so many questions”.

Another added: “And Cardi B is getting a wax…. Quarantine doesn’t have the same meaning everywhere.”

In spite of the confusion, it’s clear that the rapper hasn’t been taking the situation lightly.

Earlier this month, husband Offset – whom Cardi shares a daughter, Kulture – announced the tragic news his great-uncle Jerry had succumbed to the killer bug.

In March, Cardi launched a furious attack on the US government.

She asked: "How the f***" she was meant to know if she'd caught the deadly virus in yet another tirade on her Instagram Stories.

She fumed: "Are y'all spraying s**t in the street, are y'all gonna one by one take our temperature to see if we got it?

"How am I supposed to know that I have the coronavirus?"

She added: "Let's say that I have the coronavirus right now, ok? How am I supposed to know I got it!? Because sometimes I be like 'if you have a cough you have it.'"

Cardi questioned: "So, how the f*** am I supposed to know when I am supposed to, like, get tested for it?

"That's my problem right there. Y'all ain't really saying what it is! Tell me what it is and what it ain't."

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