Bruno Tonioli sparks frenzy with swimwear choice on ITV road trip ‘Not the speedos!’

Bruno Tonioli shows off his speedos

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Craig and Bruno’s Great British Road Trips started on Wednesday, and the series will see the duo – best known for being judges on Strictly Come Dancing – exploring some of Britain’s most picturesque routes. The first episode of the ITV show brought them to Cornwall, where they visited several parts of the county to take in the views and history. But Bruno had warned Craig he’d brought along his Speedos – and when he wore them later on to swim, viewers were very much distracted.

The two had reached their final destination – the historic seaside town of Penzance when they joined some locals for a dip.

“I’m not going in the cold water Craig, it’s not my thing. I’m going to sunbathe,” Bruno commented.

“But it would be nice, wouldn’t it? A bit of a swim,” Craig replied.

“Well you do that,” Bruno said. The two visited the Jubilee Pool, which is the UK’s largest lido, holding five million litres of unheated seawater.

It seems Bruno had changed his mind eventually, as the two dancers later appeared in gowns covering their swim clothing.

“I don’t know how cold this water’s going to be,” Craig said. “I can’t make any promises.”

“Well there you go then,” Bruno said, removing his gown to reveal bright blue Speedos.

Viewers were quick to comment on his choice of costume, with one writing: “Drunken sailor omg Bruno #CraigandBruno.”

Another said: “Not the speedos!” One viewer wrote: “Bruno and his budgie smugglers omg Rolling on the floor laughing #CraigandBruno”

“Loved it boys it was brill … love the hair Bruno Ok and budgies #CraigAndBruno,” a fourth commented.

Another penned: “Bruno couldn’t wait to get his kit out #CraigandBruno.”

Someone else wrote: “Omg Bruno and Craig are hilarious Rolling on the floor laughing #CraigAndBruno.”

Another joked: “Bruno Tonioli in a Speedo? Lord have mercy!”

“#CraigandBruno Strictly’s Craig and Bruno’s ‘Great British Road Trip’ These guys are clothes horses for fashion. I’d wear some of their picks. (Maybe not the budgie smugglers) Definitely keen eye for fashion for their age. Very funny too. Shame only half-hour show per episode,” one more said.

Earlier in the programme, Bruno had been listing items he had packed.

“My speedos are ready,” he told Craig, who replied: “Oh God, you did not bring speedos?”

Bruno continued: “I have Speedos, suntan lotion -“

“Please stop mentioning speedos, it’s making me feel quite ill,” Craig cut in as Bruno laughed.

Craig and Bruno’s Great British Road Trips returns to ITV next Wednesday at 8pm.

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