‘Broke’ Harry and Meghan ‘punished’ by Queen on return to UK in HBO series

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have found themselves at the butt of the joke in the new Royal Family cartoon The Prince.

The animated series – created by Family Guy's Gary Janetti, has already faced backlash from royalists who have branded the programme as "disgusting" and "distasteful".

In the latest instalment, Harry and Meghan return to the Palace with their tails between their legs.

Now penniless after many TV gig fails, the pair return to the doorstep completely "broke" and needing a place to crash.

The Queen is shocked by their arrival but nevertheless agrees to put them up – in the shabbiest room in the palace.

In the scene, one of the queen's butler's promptly opens the door to The Sussex's.

They are stood on the doorstep with all of their belongings and son Archie – who is strapped to Harry's chest.

The queen arrives out of nowhere, asking: "What the f**k are you two doing here?"

With arms wide open, Prince Harry responded: "Hello grandmother, we've returned."

Her Royal Highness chirped back: "Well what kind of pact, you snooze, you lose."

Meghan interjects: "It's just for a few weeks while we get back on our feet."

"There's a room with my exercise bike in it and a pull out sofa, you can use that," scoffs The Queen.

It isn't the first time that HBO writer's have colluded that things aren't panning out well for the Royal couple across the pond.

In past episodes, the former actress and Duchess of Sussex has been sacked from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – for being too boring for the show.

The cartoon sitcom also see's Harry and Meghan strike up a presenting job of hosting their own show 'Royally Screwed' – where they transform homes "from drab to fab".

Now skint after many failed attempts in the showbiz world, the Suits star strikes up a conversation with her husband about their dwindling finances.

She said: "I'm just really stressed. We are completely out of money."

"Maybe it's time we dip into your fortune from Suits, adds Harry.

Harry is then informed by his wife that there is "no fortune from Suits" as he processes that "life is hard" and costly.

On that note, the conclusion is reached that they will return to the UK.

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