Britain’s Got Talent LIVE: Golden Buzzer act Keiichi Iwasaki & Eva Abley return TONIGHT for semi-final; plus how to vote

BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT returns TONIGHT for the third live semi-final of the week where eight more acts will battle it out to reach the final.

Last night Ben Nickless and Flintz & Taylor managed to succesfully make their way in to the BGT final.

It comes as the show has been accused of having a lack of diversity as ALL female performers miss out on place in the final so far.

Yesterday's winners join Maxwell Thorpe and Jamie Leahey who will battle it out in Sunday night's final for the chance to perform in front of the Queen.

But it meant for a second night running, both semi-finalists who made it through the public and judges' votes were male.

It has sparked a diversity row, as viewers complain about the potential of an all-male final – despite there being another three semi-finals to go.

One said sarcastically: "Lots of diversity in the final with the total of 0 women #BGT."

Someone else complained: "Not enough racial or gender diversity #bgt."

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  • Lauren Lomas

    BGT episodes are available on ITV Hub

    Episodes will be available on the ITV Hub after each episode has aired.

    As always the BGT champion will walk away with a huge cash prize of £250,000 and spot on bill of the Royal Variety Performance.

    The reigning champ from 2020 is comedy singer Jon Courtenay.

    Of course, Geordie comedy duo Ant and Dec will host the talent competition once again.

  • Lauren Lomas

    BGT viewers had the same rude complaint about last night's show

    Fans weren't impressed with the acts.

    Taking to Twitter, fans complained that the show was not as entertaining.

    It seemed many people felt it was anti-climatic and were left feeling underwhelmed.

    One wrote on Twitter: "The acts on BGT tonight, let's just say I'm not desperate to see."

    Another added: "This evenings line up about as exciting as my morning dumps." Charming.

  • Lauren Lomas

    UTTER MAYHEM: Britain's Got Talent left children in tears as they were turned away

    Too many tickets were sold and young fans were turned away.

    ApplauseStore, the ticketing company sold way too many tickets, in case audience members can't attend at the last minute.

    More people than usual turned up this week as kids are off from school.

    A source said: "There's been loads of adverts and emails sent out urging people to sign up for the BGT live shows for the semis. Lots of parents clearly had the same idea and signed up and headed to London's Hammersmith Apollo for the day."

    They also said it was "utter mayhem," as so many people were being turned away.

  • Lauren Lomas

    This year's highest voted performer Ben Nickless had a fault in his routine

    The impressionist just celebrated his 40th birthday, and has also won a spot in the grand final.

    Despite having amazing success recently, This Morning viewers were left confused when producers put up a photo of the person he was imitating behind him.

    One took to Twitter and said: "Will you also tell us who you're impersonating with a picture on a screen? Half the fun is trying to guess. #ThisMorning."

  • Lauren Lomas

    BGT judge Alesha Dixon totally stole the show on Tuesday night

    Alesha looked so glam in a dazzling little blue number.

    She uploaded the fabulous photos to her Instagram page on Tuesday, and thanked her glam squad for her look.

    The little blue number had a corset boning style on the torso, which is very on trend this year.

    Her look was paired with some Perspex platform heels.

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    A post shared by ALESHA DIXON (@aleshaofficial)

  • Lauren Lomas

    Britain's Got Talent: Wednesday night's line up!

    Four acts have now been confirmed for Sunday nights final.

    There are 40 acts completing this week for the top spot.

    So far, the finalists so far are:

    Maxwell Thorpe, busker

    Jamie Leahey, ventriloquist

    Ben Nickless, impressionist

    Flintz and T4ylor, rapper and pianist duo

  • Lauren Lomas

    Who are the MOST successful BGT winners of all time?

    In 15 years of running, Britain has churned out some dazzling acts…

    Paul Potts took judge's breath away when he auditioned in 2007. Since he won the show in it's first season, he is said to be worth $10 million.

    He is touring around Germany this year, and has a huge European fanbase.

    In 2009, Susan Boyle won BGT, and is now thought to be worth a whopping $40 million.

    When she received her first cheque after winning the competition, she bought the council house she grew up in, in West Lothian. She still lives there today.

    Ex-solider and magician Richard Jones is thought to be worth $15 million, after winning the show in 2016. He then went on to have a ITV show called Operation Magic in 2019.

  • Lauren Lomas

    Amanda Holden slams escapologist and called the stunt 'disappointing'

    The BGT judge didn't like Andrew Basso's act.

    Italian escapologist Andrew Basso took to the stage on Tuesday night to demonstrate a daring escape stunt.

    However, Amanda clearly didn't like his act as he was chained by the neck and arms in a tank of water.

    Because the act was performed in the dark, Amanda felt it took away the tension.

    She said: "I feel that in your first audition, we were on the edge of our seats. I felt that it was much more intense.

    "There was less danger and more deceit going on in that tank."

  • Lauren Lomas

    Viewers think The Witches should have been in the semi finals

    BGT viewers were disappointed The Witches wasn't taken seriously.

    One viewer took to Twitter to say: "The Witches act should have been taken more seriously. It’s something different at least.

    "It was about tension and timing but the silly jokes meant it lost momentum. #bgt#BritainsGotTalent."

    Another replied: "Excellent act …I love this sort of act but clearly was never going to be one for her madge."

    A third wrote: "Agree totally. It was deliberately undermined by the two male judges."

  • Lauren Lomas

    Britain's Got Talent viewers SHOCKED as David Walliams criticised act

    He said they "lacked talent" and viewers were shocked.

    David made the dig at the act by Ranger Chris with his dancing dinosaurs.

    The comedian said: "Not sure where the talent is."

    Viewers took to Twitter to discuss their thoughts.

    One said: "David Walliams, in the 20 odd years you've been about.. first time I agree with you!"

    Another wrote: "Go on David! Saying what we all at home were thinking #bgt."

  • Lauren Lomas

    BGT Flitnz and T4ylor thank everyone for voting for them

    The lads have made it to the finals!

    In the video uploaded to the Britain's Got Talent Instagram, the lads were blown away by the positive response they received by viewers!

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    A post shared by Britain's Got Talent (@bgt)

  • Lauren Lomas

    Britain's Got Talent judges, judged on social media by fans

    With the semi finals in full swing, fans were annoyed by the judges.

    The four judges get to have a say in who goes forward to the next rounds, but viewers thought the judges were celebrating acts too much. It annoyed viewers.

    One took to Twitter to say: "Tonight has been the worst #BGT live show I've ever watched! How are judges dishing out so much praise! The acts tonight buzzed off in the audition rounds in the OG shows."

    Another said: "The judges must be watching a different show to the one on my TV. Literally nothing worth voting for tonight!" Savage!

  • Lauren Lomas

    The Witch rumbled? Fans think they know who it is!

    The mystery of who the Witch really is continues…

    Fans think that the Witch is really TV presenter Stephen Mulhern.

    Wicked Witch wrecked total havoc when she appeared onstage, with rotting fruit and rats!

    Taking to Twitter, one viewer said: "The Witches… that one was Stephen Mulhern, I think, one in the audition was Ant, and I think the third one in the clip was DEC #BGT."

    Another said: "Actually, The Witch DOES sound a bit like Setphen Mulhern #BGT."

  • Lauren Lomas

    Britain's Got Talent: Ant and Dec CRIED during touching performance

    The hosts watched Voices of the Armed Forces Children Choir bravely took to the stage to perform at the Hammersmith Apollo.

    The adorable children set the hosts off in tears, as well as Simon, Amanda, Aleesha and David.

    After their amazing performance, And and Dec said: "They're crying, we're crying, half the audience is crying!"

  • Lauren Lomas

    BGT: Which acts made it through to the final?

    This yeah Brits have seen so much talent take to the stage, it has been had to decide who is the best.

    The live semi finals kicked off last night, with judges forced to choose between comedian Jamie, and magician Junwoo.

    Simon couldn't decide, and left it to the public vote.

    Jamie came out on top and David said he should have had the golden buzzer.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Viewers slam Simon Cowell for show hitting ‘all time low’ 

    FURIOUS Britain’s Got Talent viewers hit out at Simon Cowell for reaching an “all time low” by claiming Ranger Chris and his dancing dinosaurs could WIN the show.

    Fans of the hit ITV show blasted the mogul , 62, and the act he was championing during tonight’s second live semi final.

    Simon famously fought for Ranger Chris and his music loving cretaceous crew to make the semi final, despite the other judges not agreeing.

    And after Chris and his dinos has performed, Simon said: “A dinosaur has never won Britain’s Got Talent ever. That might change after tonight.”

    He also claimed he was right for fighting for the act to get through.

    But many watching at home were not impressed with the performance, nor Simon’s reaction.

    “This show has hit an all-time low,” one former fan vented on twitter.

    “Some people dancing in rubber dinosaur suits IS NOT F***ING TALENT” added another.

    A third claimed Simon’s standards have slipped, fuming: “Simon would have buzzed this act now if this was five to ten years ago.”

  • Joseph Gamp

    Who is BGT finalist Jamie Leahey?

    Jamie Leahey is a 13-year-old self-taught ventriloquist.

    He auditioned for Series 15 of Britain’s Got Talent, alongside his ventriloquism dummy named Chuck.

    He started practising ventriloquism two years ago during the first lockdown after his grandmother bought him a monkey puppet.

    Leahey’s dream is to have his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Impressionist and musical duo join line-up of BGT finalists

    Impressionist Ben Nickless and musical duo Flintz and Taylor have made it to the Britain's Got Talent (BGT) final on Sunday after the second live semi-final show.

    The two acts advanced to the final of the talent competition on Tuesday following a night of electrifying performances.

    Nickless was put straight through after receiving the most audience votes.

    Flintz and Taylor went head-to-head with Amber and her dancing pets act, but judges David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Simon Cowell all voted to put them through.

    Other acts on Tuesday night included several young acts, including schoolboy comedian Dante Marvin, Voices of the Armed Forces Children Choir, and nine-year old magician Ryland Petty.

    Also on the bill were Ranger Chris and escapologist Andrew Basso.

    Nickless and the duo will join operatic busker Maxwell Thorpe and 13-year-old ventriloquist Jamie Leahey in the live final on Sunday June 5.

    The winner of the BGT final will earn a prize of £250,000 as well as a spot at this year's Royal Variety Performance.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Flintz and Taylor give it everything

    The duo put on a great performance.

    Alesha said that the song was authentic and gorgeous.

    Amanda added that the piano playing was beautiful and she is pleased to be at the start of their journey.

  • Louis Allwood

    BGT viewers convinced eliminated act STORMED OFF stage in a strop

    BRITAIN'S Got Talent fans were convinced one of the semi-finalists on Tuesday's live show STORMED off the stage after learning they'd got the boot.

    Eagled-eyed fans of the ITV hit speculated that escapologist Andrew Basso had a strop when he appeared to walk off the stage prematurely.

    Andrew was told he was being sent home but all the semi-finalists usually wait until every act has got their results before leaving the stage.

    But it looked like Andrew didn't want to wait around after receiving bad news.

    And viewers were quick to point this out on twitter.

    One wrote: "Anyone else see Andrew Basso just walk off after not getting through?"
    A second added: "Andrew walked off? BRO what is going on??"

  • Louis Allwood

    When are the Britain's Got Talent live semi finals?

    The live semi-finals will be returning tonight and will end Friday, June 3.

    All episodes will air at 8pm on ITV.

    Eight acts will perform each night with the hope of impressing those watching enough that they'll vote for them.

    The judges will then choose between the two acts with the most votes who will make it through to the final.

  • Louis Allwood

    BGT episodes are available on ITV Hub

    Episodes will be available on the ITV Hub after each episode has aired.

    As always the BGT champion will walk away with a huge cash prize of £250,000 and spot on bill of the Royal Variety Performance.

    The reigning champ from 2020 is comedy singer Jon Courtenay.

    Of course, Geordie comedy duo Ant and Dec will host the talent competition once again.

  • Louis Allwood

    Fans reveal theory that will see eliminated favourite RETURN

    BRITAIN'S Got Talent fans were devastated to see magician Junwoo Park eliminated in last night's semi-final – but predict he could be in line for a shock return.

    The Korean trickster, 23, lost out to singer Maxwell Thorpe and young ventriloquist Jamie Leahy in the public vote.

    However, in previous series' of the show one eliminated act from semi finals week is given a wild card entry to the final, and some viewers think Junwoo will get it this time round.

    One said: "Junwoo was robbed! He better come back as the wild card cause he was fantastic! So gutted for him!"

    Another wrote: "junwoo was my favourite on bgt! most memorable audition for me! hoping the wildcard goes to him this year because he deserves it!!!"

    A third said: "The people have spoken @BGT we love Junwoo. He has to have the wildcard."

  • Louis Allwood

    BGT in race row

    BRITAIN'S Got Talent fans were furious over what they dubbed "racist" voting which saw magician Junwoo Park booted out.

    Viewers of the ITV series went as far as to demand "justice" for the South Korean star, 23, who failed to make it to the show's live finals.

    Many appeared of the opinion it was his nationality which meant he failed to bag the votes needed from the general public – and firmly placed the blame away from the show, and onto viewers.

    One angry BGT fan took to Twitter to rant: "This country is racist. Junwoo is way more talented. #BGT."

    Another sarcastically put: "So all of the black acts have been eliminated?! Lol. Are WE surprised?"

    A fan then followed with: "Nah but if junwoo was a white British 12 year old boy he would defo get through #justiceforjunwoo #BGT #BritainsGotTalent," while another agreed and put: "Seriously very unfair, if Junwoo was British he'd definitely get through #BGT."

  • Louis Allwood

    Who is Ben Nickless?

    Ben Nickless is one of the many hopefuls who has made it into the final, increasing the possibility of his Royal Variety dream coming true.

    The 40-year-old, from Lancashire, has previously auditioned for the show, trying his luck in 2019.

    Although he was successful in the first round, he didn't make it to the semi-finals and his audition was never televised.

    Luckily, Ben wasn't put off, and returned in 2022 to wow the judges.

    After a slow start with his ventriloquism, Ben smashed out 20 different impressions in 60 seconds, leaving the audience and the judges in stitches.

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