Brave New World star reveals dark secrets behind the Soma drugs that leave New London on a constant high

BRAVE New World is the new television series which portrays an utopian society which relies on a drug called Soma.

The science fiction drama stars Jessica Brown Findlay, Alden Ehrenreich and Harry Lloyd, and recently started airing weekly on Sky One.

Brave New World is set in a dystopian future where humanity is split into two societies: the rambunctious and off-the-rails 'theme park' of the Savage Lands and the neat, orderly, and idyllic New London.

The citizens of New London are organised by classifications that are assigned to them when they are created in a lab.

For example, pregnancy is a taboo in New London so after being born, children are conditioned to behave in accordance to their caste.

The inhabitants of New London live in a world where money, monogamy, privacy and family have been prohibited by the World State government, and where they take a 'perfect' drug called Soma, issued by the government to control them.

And now one of the show's stars has revealed all about the little round pills, and the differences between each one.

Harry, who plays counsellor Bernard Marx, explained: "Ultimately, it’s every spectrum of the rainbow, in terms of how severe your need and how distant you are from your true center balance.

"As a counsellor, I get the orange or yellow," before adding that violet is the default pill for all of the characters.

"Know what, you’re on the orange? Knock yourself out. Have a good time," he continued.

"This one might be more than you need, so therefore, you’re not in emotional trauma. You might have a bit of a trip. So it’s playful."

Harry also spoke about how it was taking the pills during filming and described them as a "nightmare".

"They’re these little hard sugar balls. You can’t get it down in the first swallow.

"We looked at the jelly ones, which look bad on camera when you touch them, but they go down a bit easier," he explained, said before revealing his Soma secret.

"Quite often – if you see a pill appear on screen – I’m barely popping it. I’m miming it. I’m doing everything I can. But Bernard is Mr. Soma" he added.

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