Blake Moynes Just Awkwardly Liked a Reality Steve Tweet About His Sister Calling Him Out

So, last night’s episode of The Bachelorette was best described as…a lot! Just…so much! Mostly because of Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo’s absolutely disastrous Hometown Date which resulted in him leaving the show, and also because Blake Moynes’ sister absolutely iconically called him out on being in love with his third Bachelorette in a row. Because yes, as a reminder, Blake fell hard for Clare Crawley…and then fell harder for Tayshia Adams, all before joining Katie’s season midway through and falling hard for her.

During Hometown Dates, Blake got a chance to chat with his family (who flew into New Mexico to join the show’s quarantine bubble), and his sister Taylor wasted no time trolling him by saying “So, this is the one now?” She then said what’s been on everyone’s mind, musing “Before you even met Clare, you were like, ‘I love her. It’s gonna work.’ Then that was gone. And then Tayshia came in. You’re in love again, like, right away. You get to this point where you just say that, like, ‘She’s the one.’ Like, what do you mean?”

Apparently Blake feels like “No one aligned with me like she has, ever,” which…kay! But he also seems to have a good sense of humor about all this, because multiple fans noticed that Blake appears to have liked the below Reality Steve tweet:

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