Big Brother's Cameron Cole is feeling guilty after shock decision to send Isabella home

Big Brother‘s Cameron Cole is feeling guilty about kicking Isabella Farnese out of the house in a shock twist on Friday night (October 19).

After Hussain Ahmed’s eviction, Isabella was also the shown the door as Cameron, the richest housemate, was instructed to boot one other person without the need for a public vote. Isabelle later told Digital Spy that she thought it was unfair.

But Cameron has now admitted in the Diary Room that he’s feeling terrible for evicting Isabella, who is now holding a grudge against him.

“I feel terribly guilty about yesterday,” he said. “I don’t think the feeling’s going to go. People said, ‘You’ll feel better in the morning’, but I felt even worse probably today than I did last night.”

Asked if he’s worried what the public may be thinking about his decision to pick Isabelle, he said: “Obviously it’s selfish for me to think that when I’ve just kicked someone out the blooming house.”

“I know that I’m not going to be loved for it, but obviously other stuff I’ve done in here, I know how some of it could have come across,” he added as he broke into tears.

On her surprise eviction, Isabella told Digital Spy: “”I’m a little bit like, come on Cameron, what on earth? We all knew there was an ongoing thing between him and Akeem. The fact that I, being voted out whilst I was against Akeem, is just a big shock.”

Big Brother continues tonight (October 21) at 10pm on Channel 5.

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