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BIG Brother is a popular reality competition show that cuts contestants off from the outside world to coexist in an isolated house.

The show first premiered in 2000 and has since crowned 24 winners.

Big Brother winners list: Where are they now?

Season 1: Eddie McGee

Eddie McGee was crowned the first Big Brother winner back in 2000.

After the show, he went on to start a career as an actor and has been seen in several productions, including Confidant, The Angel, Drop Dead Roses, and The Human Race.

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Eddie has also had guest appearances on popular shows like NCIS: Los Angeles, Chicago Med, and Law & Order.

Season 2: Will Kirby

Will Kirby won the second season of Big Brother in 2001.

After starring on the show, the aesthetic dermatologist famously hosted the NBC dating show Love Shack, and later appeared on six episodes of Bravo's Battle of The Network Reality Stars.

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He also won the celebrity edition of The Price is Right in 2016.

In 2022, Will portrayed the role of Karales the Bounty Hunter in The Book of Boba Fett.

He tied the knot with Erin Brodie in 2017 but filed for divorce shortly after in July 2021.

Season 3: Lisa Donahue

Lisa Donahue became the first female winner in Big Brother history after winning season 3in 2002.

After the show, the former bartender went on to start a career in photography and launched her own company in Los Angeles.

Season 4: Jun Song

Jun Song won Big Brother in 2003 and became the franchise's first Asian winner.

After the show, the former investment manager went on to become a content strategist and welcome a son, Noah.

Season 5: Drew Daniel

Drew Daniel won Big Brother back in 2004.

After the show, Drew had a brief acting career, starring in the film He's Such a Girl and the TV series Related.

However, outside of his former roles, not much information is available on him today as he tends to stay out of the spotlight and off social media.

Season 6: Maggie Ausburn

Maggie Ausburn won Big Brother back in 2005.

Like Drew, Maggie also stepped away from the spotlight after her win as not much information is available about her today.

Season 7: Mike Malin

Mike "Boogie" Malin won Season 7 of Big Brother and went on to compete on Big Brother: All-Stars and Season 14 of Big Brother.

Over the years, he has also had minor roles in TV shows and movies, including Chump Change, Hood of Horror, Fishes, and Gun.

He was also seen in Enrique Iglesias' music video for the song Do You Know? in 2007 and was a mentor on VH1’s Famous Food in 2011.

In June 2021, Malin was sentenced to two years probation and time in jail after being found guilty of stalking season 2 winner Will Kirby, according to Newsweek.

At the time, he was required to spend three days in jail and was ordered to complete 160 hours of community service.

Season 8: Dick Donato

Dick Donato won Big Brother in 2007.

After winning Season 8, he returned to the franchise as a contestant on Season 13 with his daughter, Daniele, but left on day six after producers told him he was HIV positive, according to Big Brother Network.

Outside of his Big Brother appearances, Dick spends his days hosting the Dick at Night podcast.

Season 9: Adam Jasinski

Adam Jasinski won Season 9 of Big Brother in 2008.

After the show, Adam faced legal problems and ultimately spent a few years behind bars before becoming a mental health and addiction professional as well as a NADAI Certified Interventionist.

He also wrote the book, My Kid's on Drugs, Now What?, which detailed his journey with addiction and recovery.

In 2011, Adam was sentenced to four years in federal prison for drug and tax charges, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Season 10: Dan Gheesling

Dan Gheesling won Big Brother during Season 10 by a unanimous vote.

He later returned to the franchise during Season 14, where he finished as the runner-up.

Dan has since become a successful Twitch streamer and has written multiple books.

In July 2011, he married Chelsea Niemiec and is now the father of two sons, Desmond and Miles.

Season 11: Jordan Lloyd

Jordan Lloyd won Big Brother in 2009.

While on the show, she met her husband, Jeff Schroeder, and went on to compete alongside him on the 16th season of The Amazing Race.

The couple then returned to Big Brother in 2011.

Now, Jordan often spends her days living in Colorado taking care of her two sons.

Season 12: Hayden Moss

Hayden Moss won Big Brother 12.

After that, he went on to compete on Survivor: Blood vs. Water with his then-girlfriend and finished in seventh place.

He also starred in a few episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful in 2014.

Season 13: Rachel Reilly

Rachel Reilly won Season 13 of Big Brother in 2011.

After the show, Rachel went on to dabble in acting and appeared in several productions, including Papa, Barbee Rehab, and The Bold and the Beautiful.

She also competed in three seasons of The Amazing Race and won an episode of Fear Factor in 2017.

Since 2012, Rachel has been married to Brendon Villegas, who is also the father of her two children.

Season 14: Ian Terry

Ian Terry won Season 14 of Big Brother in 2012.

He later returned to the franchise in 2020 to compete in Big Brother: All-Stars.

Nowadays, he resides in Texas and works as a Senior Consultant at EPMI.

Season 15: Andy Herren

Andy Herren became Big Brother's first openly gay winner after competing on the show in 2013.

After the show, Andy went on to become a public speaker.

Season 16: Derrick Levasseur

Derrick Levasseur won Season 16 of Big Brother in 2014.

After the show, the former police sergeant went on to serve as an investigator on Investigation Discovery’s Breaking Homicide.

He also published a book and launched his own private investigations and consulting firm.

In 2011, he married Jana Donlin, with whom he shares two daughters.

Season 17: Steve Moses

Steve Moses won Big Brother during Season 17.

After the show, he relocated to Orlando, Florida, and opened Oasis Senior Advisors.

Season 18: Nicole Franzel

Nicole Franzel competed on Big Brother 16 and later returned in 2016 for Big Brother 18, which she won.

In 2020, Nicole also competed on Big Brother 22: All-Stars, where she placed third.

Outside of the Big Brother franchise, the former nurse was seen competing on The Amazing Race in 2018 alongside her husband, Victor Arroyo.

She is also the host of the Coco Caliente podcast and the founder of the Franny & The Fox clothing line.

In 2021, Nicole and Victor tied the knot and welcomed their first child shortly after.

Season 19: Josh Martinez

Josh Martinez won Season 19 of Big Brother in 2017.

After the show, he went on to star in an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful and appeared on multiple seasons of The Challenge.

He now resides in Miami, Florida, and often posts about his life and fitness journey on Instagram to over 231,000 followers.

Season 20: Kaycee Clark

Kaycee Clark won Season 20 of Big Brother in 2018.

After the show, Kaycee went on to win The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies and was a finalist on Total Madness and Double Agents.

The professional football player is also the CEO of Socially Obsessed and often posts about her life on Instagram to almost 500,000 followers.

Since 2020, she has been in a relationship with Nany Gonzalez.

Season 21: Jackson Michie

Jackson Michie won Season 21 of Big Brother in 2019.

After the show, he relocated to Los Angeles with his then-girlfriend Holly Allen, but the two parted ways shortly after.

Nowadays, he spends his days working as a social media influencer.

Season 22: Cody Calafiore

Cody Calafiore first competed on Big Brother in 2014 and later returned in 2020 to win Big Brother 22.

After his initial Big Brother success, he went on to start a career as an actor and has been seen in several productions, including Clinton Road, Set It Up, Welcomed to Hope, and Magic in Mount Holly.

He also is active on Twitch and is the co-host of The Winners Circle podcast.

Season 23: Xavier Prather

Xavier Prather won Season 23 of Big Brother in 2021.

Shortly after his win, he went on to compete in The Challenge.

Season 24: Taylor Hale

Taylor Hale made history as the first black woman to win the Big Brother competition.

The jury overwhelmingly voted for her in an 8-1 decision, and America voted for her as their most favorite houseguest, earning her an additional $50k.

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It was the first time America's favorite houseguest also won the season.

Following her win, Hale won the E! TV News Scoop Award for Best Reality Star.

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