Big Breakfast star Johnny Vaughan makes emotional return to the famous house after 19 years

THE BIG Breakfast star Johnny Vaughan made an emotional return to the show's famous house after 19 years away.

The 54-year-old star was clearly overwhelmed as he revisited the home of the programme that catapulted him to fame back in 1997.

The Big Breakfast was filmed at Lock Keepers Cottages in East London, which recently went on the market for a huge £5.74 million.

Touring the area where he used to film the Channel 4 show, the Radio X DJ recalled some of his most treasured memories from his time there.

One of Johnny's favourite experiences was music legend David Bowie acting as soundman on the show.

The star shared: "David Bowie said that he just wanted to come on the show, because he used to get the show sent out to him when he lived in America because he really liked it.

"And we heard that he wanted to come on our Christmas show, not particularly to be interviewed, but just because he wanted to be part of the crew because they look like they have so much fun.

"And so during the Christmas show I was sitting there and suddenly I see – holding a sound boom over the crew – was David Bowie, and he just wanted to be our sound man for the day and join in and be shouted at like everyone else, it was just absolutely mad!"

However, Johnny went on to admit that the building's drastic change in appearance had left him feeling "emotional" and disconnected.

He explained: "So many great memories, but it’s kind of hard to connect it with the house that’s here now because it’s just so beautiful and so enclosed.

"When I was here, you really had the sense of just canal and two cottages, but it’s a bit like…

"Being here today reminds me a bit like when I drove past a school I used to go to and the woodwork and metal work-shops have now been turned into these quite luxurious properties, they’d been converted, and I get the same sense that in both this building and that building, places where perhaps we weren’t meant to have that much fun, but we really did.

"So, quite an emotional visit, in its way."

The Big Breakfast aired on Channel 4 every weekday morning between 1992 and 2002, with other presenters including Denise Van Outen, Chris Evans, Gaby Roslin, Kelly Brook, and Richard Bacon.

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