'Better Call Saul' Fans Predict Where Lalo Salamanca Is Now

Mike Ehrmantraut may think there’s a thousand-to-one chance of Lalo Salamanca popping up in Albuquerque again, but Better Call Saul fans aren’t so sure. Although Gus Fring has successfully convinced the cartel that Nacho Varga orchestrated the hit, Lalo is too savvy and clever to believe he wasn’t involved. But where is Lalo? Fans have ideas about where he might be headed next.

Lalo has gone missing in ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6

Lalo hasn’t been seen since telling Hector Salamanca he was going to find proof of Gus’ involvement in the attack. Gus had told Nacho he would be free to go once he did that one last thing, but he was secretly planning to kill Nacho to protect his involvement from getting out.

After realizing that, Nacho agreed to give his life in exchange for his father’s. Once Mike agreed to look out for Nacho’s dad, Gus then filled Nacho in on what he needed to do. They were going to take him to meet Juan Bolsa and the Salamancas, where he would have to confess to working with a rival crew to kill Lalo. He was then supposed to attack Bolsa, causing him to shoot and kill Nacho. But ultimately, Nacho shot and killed himself.

Almost everyone believes Lalo died in the attack except for Hector and Gus, who has his men on the constant lookout. No one has seen him, but Gus knows in his gut that Lalo is still out there.

Fan predictions on Lalo’s whereabouts in ‘Better Call Saul’

As Better Call Saul progresses without any sign of Lalo, fans have shared ideas about his whereabouts on Reddit.

Many think he might actually still be in Mexico.

“Lalo stayed in Mexico to find proof that Gus ordered the hit on him. That proof was Nacho,” read one comment. “Nacho is dead. Idk what Lalo is going to do next now.”

Another said: “In my opinion he goes looking for Nacho, doesn’t know Nacho is dead, naturally goes to his house > his fathers house > Kills Nachos father cause no one can know he is alive > Mike goes to check on Nachos father to discover Lalo was already way ahead and this leads to Mike hunting Lalo down personally.”

Others guessed he’s in some other country

Others figure Lalo might be in Germany to find a Werner Ziegler associate and prove Gus lied to the cartel.

“He keeps repeating the name and knows that is his link to the lab,” one fan explained. “I don’t buy that he is going after Saul/Kim. If he was, why didn’t he cross the border? He must not be going to the United States because why else we he bail on border crossing?What would they know about the lab anyways?”

“I agree with [this] genius idea, as I noticed in a screen shot of Lalo going through someone’s home or apartment on the ceiling was a return vent!” said another. “It was a dirty odd looking return vent. I do not believe we have these in the United States on the ceiling. I could be wrong but that caught my eye.”

“I can also see him going to Chile to dig up dirt on Gus,” read another comment, “but it’s implied the cartel already knows about Gus’ past in Chile and also anything in Chile wouldn’t have anything to do with the lab in ABQ.”

Meanwhile, someone else wrote they have “no clue [where Lalo is], but I can guarantee when he does show up it’s going to be horrifying.”

Indeed. Stay tuned to Better Call Saul to see where Lalo has ended up.

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