Ben Shephard scolds Kate Garraway as she’s caught out in awkward family blunder

Kate Garraway was caught up in an awkward name blunder as she called Ben Shephard's auntie the wrong name.

During a chat on Thursday's programme of Good Morning Britain, hosts Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard spoke to fellow ITV star Lorraine Kelly about what's coming up on her show.

Lorraine revealed that she would be talking to actor Martin Clunes about the end of Doc Martin after 18 years of being on air.

Kate introduced the TV personality and said: "Well, Lorraine is here at nine, we always look forward to it, Lorraine."

The Scottish host smiled and said: "Let me tell you what's coming up…

"We're saying goodbye to Doc Martin after 18 years, Martin Clunes is with us live."

Shocking at the news, Ben responded: "Oh goodness me, as family members of mine live in the village where Doc Martin is filmed it will be a big miss."

Kate then joked: "What will auntie Jill do?"

Ben laughed and said: "Auntie Jan, she will change her name first and foremost."

Mortified that she made the name blunder, Kate then said: "How could I have got that wrong?!"

Ben smirked and said: "Yep, great aunt Jan."

This comes after Kate swiped Conservative MP Brandon Lewis for avoiding GMB as he did the rounds to discuss the current Tory party controversy.

Earlier on the programme, Kate and Ben were hoping to be joined by the MP to discuss Boris Johnson's latest drama.

Ben began: "Well we would love for him [Boris] to come on unfortunately Brandon Lewis is doing the rounds on a number of other shows this morning but he won't come on GMB for some reason."

To which Kate explained: "Yeah, he's on sky news, BBC Breakfast, LBC and done an interview with ITV News and we just have an empty chair in Westminster.

"And Mr Lewis it felt like it was left to me this morning and I'm not sure that's a position you're comfortable with let alone me.

"And you're right, Boris Johnson could speak out but so could the people around him to clarify it, couldn't they?"

Ben then quipped: "That chair is open Mr Lewis if you are around and about if you fancy it this morning."

Kate then added: "They do a good brew at our studios at Westminster as well so you could refresh yourself but apparently it was too busy."

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