Below Deck’s Fraser Olender shares ‘struggle’ of new Chief Stew role

Below Deck Season 10 trailer

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Bravo’s hit reality series Below Deck is only three episodes into season 10 and as well as a new team of crew members, there are new problems at sea. However, as star Fraser Olender has warned, tensions could take a “dark” turn.  

Below Deck kicked off its milestone season in November with Captain Lee Rosbach and his crew returning to sea. 

Viewers were introduced to Bosun Ross McHarg, Stews Hayley De Sola Pinto and Alissa Humber, Deck/Stew Camille Lamb and Deckhands Tony Duarte, Katie Glaser and Ben Willoughby. 

While beloved chef Rachel Hargrove and Fraser returned for another challenging charter. 

As well as the new faces, Fraser received special recognition from Captain Lee and received a promotion, becoming the franchise’s first male chief stew.

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However, in true Below Deck fashion, tensions have already risen between the yachties as they try to cater to their affluent and often demanding guests. 

Despite this, Fraser hinted the drama among the crew will get worse as the season continues. 

The chief stew revealed he had to “step in” once tensions reached boiling point

Fraser added: “100 percent, what you’ve seen is not even a millimetre of how far this goes. It gets pretty dark.”

“As a manager, and as chief, you’ve got to keep them at bay and keep things as neutral as possible and focus on the work.

“Or at least try to convince them to focus on the work.

“But sometimes it’s just impossible to have a say over people’s personalities and differences.

“It’s definitely a troublesome relationship,” Fraser told

Despite this, the chief stew admitted remaining neutral was a challenge: “I struggled because I was friends with them. 

“But equally, the only thing I had to do and kept focusing on, and reminding myself of was, ‘Think of the job. What’s best for the boat, what’s best for the crew, and what’s best for the job?’ And that is where I took my side.”

Fraser continued: “We’re here to work, we’re not here to be friends. If we do become friends then that’s fantastic, that’s brilliant, that’s the enjoyment of it all.

“But we’re here to have a successful season, and being chief and being responsible for that, I needed to put that first,” he concluded.

During episode two, it became clear Camille had enough of serving guests as she decided to strip down and dive into the sea while guests were arriving for their lunch. 

Viewers were left speechless as she said: “What’s the use in coming down here and treating yourself like someone who’s there to serve?”

However, Alissa didn’t let her get off scot-free as she informed Fraser about Camille’s tendencies to slack off work. 

This could spark a bitter feud between the two if Camille discovers this as past crew members have been fired and sent home packing for their lack of dedication to the role. 

Below Deck season 10 continues Mondays on Bravo in the US and on Hayu in the UK.

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